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How to repair a flat tire using a tire plug kit | Hagerty DIY

Main How to repair a flat tire using a tire plug kit | Hagerty DIY

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    Davin shows us a quick and easy way to fix a flat or leaky tire with a tire plug kit. Subscribe to our YouTube Channel! | LIKE us on FACEBOOK …

    Матур Малай

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    Wayne 1218

    if you plug your tire and I have plug many. if your tire is speed rated after you plug your tire there is no speed rating


    I use duck tape. Works great for a quarter of a mile.

    Randy D

    Used many plugs over the years.


    He ran over a screw, now he's screwed

    kristin taylor

    Just watched this morning and then used it an hour ago. It worked great! Thanks!

    julemanden uden gaver

    the plug is illigal to use here where i live..

    LN films

    cara o vídeos de vocês são ótimos ..sempre assisto

    Ian Mittelstaedt

    Having dealt with both patched and plugged tires (I used to work in a tire shop), I trust patched tires more than plugged ones, especially if it's a patch-plug combo, one of those little mushroom-looking things. That being said, I had a motorcycle with a plugged tire, and I only found out it had a plug when I did a burnout on the tire, so there's that.


    Very helpful tip.

    DA Poppa

    NEVER USE A PLUG ON A STEEL BELTED RADIAL!!!!!! NEVER….WOW this is very bad advice. Plugs destroy your tire, and you are taking your life into your own hands. This practice increases the risk of high speed tire failure. Don't do it. If you doubt this, check with your tire maker. The only safe method is to dis-mount the tire, and do a Vulcan patch, this wit preserve the integrity of the tire. If the sidewall is damaged get another tire. This might be OK for a tractor

    nz mopar rebuilds

    They are a good repear to get you going on the side of the road . Alot easyer to do if there is still air in the tire if you can get air in it first . But the best repear is a plug/patch in one that's put in from the inside

    Rivi Bravo

    I drive a cab in Sydney, Australia & I plug punctured tyres all the time. In fact, I did one yesterday afternoon. I’ve never had a plug fail me.


    Just did this last week. The tire shops around here jacked up the prices to fix tires – $45/tire even if it off the car. Can't afford that anymore. It used to be $25.

    Tired Again

    No thanks! My life is worth the cost of a proper patch. It gives the tire shop a chance to inspect the interior to make sure no hidden damage occurred.

    Fran Hernández

    Well, this was a nice video, as always but…the last time I had a flat tire, I just went to the shop and 15 minutes and 10€ after it was fixed. I really love working on my cars, but I don't see myself doing this.

    TK Skagen


    Take care,
    🤓 -Thomas
    Western Washington State

    D.K. GAMER

    Is that Tampa from GTA San Andreas? 😅

    William Volkmann

    the best is a pull thru with a patch and works from the out side as a plug as well it seals out the derbis / water freezing in the puncture hole as it will comprmise the repair and a tar cord is ok at sea lever however in high altitude it will melt out (not legal in repairs done in shop or sold in store of mountainous states // pull thru fast patch /plug combos work with glue and install tool // up to 65psi rated

    joseph briggs _

    I just plug a tire 5 minutes ago what a coincidence.


    considering i have never ever used cement on a plug im guessing that is a extra step as long as the hole is not to big and the plug is in as far as you can get it without the ends going in the hole you are fine another thing you can run tire till its bald death with loads of plugs in the tire and one word of warning plugs work loads better if they are warm found that out the hard way in very cold weather heat the plug on the stove run out dead sprint shove it in the hole lol

    Jeff Y

    Another vote for the radial / mushroom patch plugs. On the road or trail, the strings work to at least get you home. Also, like what someone else mentioned, American / Discount Tires will patch your tire for free if it's less than 10 years old.

    Blake Stanton

    In your video about the Kawasaki KE100 rebuild what did you use at 0:38 to clean the engine? I’m currently rebuilding an 87 Suzuki LT230s Quadsport and I’m just getting into mechanics. So I’m just looking for some tips. You guys make awesome vids!


    I know the rule and I'd tell anyone the same thing you did, don't try to fix the sidewall.
    BUT… I worked at a gas station when I was in high school for several years, and I patched a LOT of sidewalls. It's touchy, you have to use common sense. Small holes that haven't torn the tire and stuff can be done if you have good chemicals and patches to work with. Bigger rips and other stuff that may have damaged the structure, no way… avoid it unless it's an off-road farm use thing or something similar. But done right, the patches will stay put and hold air. for punctures, plugs are JUST FINE. I must have plugged 1000 tires with them and never had a single one come back leaking. There's absolutely no reason to not use plugs. I even use those off the shelf kits now on my own tires and they work great.
    Oh yea, and it's a lot easier to do the job with the tire aired up all the way, just hold your hand over it so you don't end up with glue getting blown into your face.

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    continue ❤❤

    Real World Garage

    I’m having a hard time believing the legal department let this video go out.

    Turkey Man

    I’d like to use this on my EX!

    Vladimir Putin

    Brace yourselves for the incoming "tire patch" snobs😏


    Always a pleasure, Davin.
    BTW, I prefer the "radial patch-plug". That rascal covers ALL bases.

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