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How To Repair a Glove Box that Wont Latch

Main How To Repair a Glove Box that Wont Latch

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    VW glove boxes not closing is common. Rather than replacing an expensive glove box latch, here is a ~$20 solution to fix a glovebox that will not stay closed, …

    Dylan Rowan

    Lmao glue it shut. Charles you crack me up. Saw your face on the FCP Euro last weekend. Rust!! So wish I could meet you someday! I’m a VW tech myself at Patrick Volkswagen in auburn mass. Come visit us someday!!!

    Chase Wright

    I’m actually shocked. My 337 has had pretty much every common Mk4 issue but my glove box is minttttt. 😂


    4:42 How to Repair a Glovebox that wont Latch

    Scott in MN

    I was skeptical of this but it looks like a good solution. Based on my wife’s car, will the magnets be able to hold 50 drive-through napkins, 27 ketchup packets, 17 straws, 3 puke bags, and some lady hygiene products?

    Joshua LaBarr

    Nice temporary fix forsure

    Flint Layfield

    Don't swallow them?!? Uh if there isn't a "do not eat" warning I can't promise anything!

    John Gassmann

    Funny. I did the same thing with the glovebox on my '67 bug.

    Harrison P

    Good repair

    Spencer’s Mustache

    These didn't work very well on my wagon.

    Takeo Mack

    Very cool solution brother!!! 👍👍👍

    Kris Nicholson

    Or have your gf put her feet on it and snap it off completely.. It fixed mine..

    Stratis Aftousmis

    Earth magnets are awesome so many fixes.

    Authorized Mike

    My 8P Audi glove box breaks at the hinge. Sad face

    Sean Thomas Of The Rauchert Family

    Great idea! Got any great ideas to fix a broken hinge on an avant wagon

    Brandon Burt

    Those magnets look tasty

    Mo Chubby’s Music

    I have a cheap solution. I call it the duct tape glove box latch.

    Troy Buhay

    I'd just buy the new glove box…the magnets would drive me nuts

    W Burger

    On the ground becomes into the tyre…


    My handle was also removed because of the small pins flying around in the inside. I opend the glove box with sheer brutal force and replaced the pins with a sawed of nail. Worked perfectly.


    Wonder how many people went to go answer their phone at 4:28 lol

    Mike Morales

    Buy a Toyota!


    Uff I was hoping for good tutorial on an actual repair of the glovebox, but instead you used magnets. Is it reparable anyway or is it sealed mechanism?

    Scott Haldeman

    Wow Charles. You’ve been busy! Look at all those interior pieces

    Matthew Mazzella

    That's an awesome fix. First time seeing those magnets. VAG have a lot of issues with the glove box that there are a bunch of kits to fix them but this is 1 of the the best I've seen.

    Design and Craft

    DIY fix 😄 I heard about this issue. Is the lock broken?

    Joe Kizonu

    I have a question about toque to yeald bolts, i put new axles in my mk3 not long ago, and this weekend i need to swap transmissions, lost 5th and reverse. Do i need new hardware? And i cant get hub gaskets from Volkswagen, thoughts? Thank you for your time.


    You missed the step about taking a phone call!

    Matt Gorgoglione

    What's stronger magnets or duck tape? 😅🏁and next show bearings and bearing grease, wheel lube racing…🏆

    Don’t Touch My Oreos

    Hi Charles! Have you ever done the refrigerated glove box mod?


    How about a glovebox (2002 Golf) handle that broke and I can’t figure out how to open it…

    Chris Bottcher

    I built my own at home depot 8 months ago, so glad someone sells them now lol


    I recently had to fix a first gen tundra glovebox with the opposite problem 😂 nothing a spring and little screw I had laying around couldn’t fix! Great video Charles as always! #shiftwrenchrepeat

    Joe Kizonu

    My mk3 upper euro glove box is held with Velcro, lol.. 😁


    Great vid, I think a lot of the simple fixes get overlooked. This one is awesome.


    Funny thing here is that the TVR Cerbera has a claimed top speed of 170 mph but nearing 150 mph the trunk just flies off

    Joachim Johan

    WHAAAATTAFFF!!!!!!!!!!!! HAHAH!!


    Glove box that opens during a track day
    That’s hilarious I’m sorry🤣🤣

    calvin Kulick

    I’ve replaced the glovebox on my gli 2 times and it broke again so I used these magnets. I’m happy that it can be closed now for such little money. My only complaint however is if I hit a bump it will open. I’m sure if you’re on stock suspension that wouldn’t happen, just something to consider


    When I bought my wagon this was done and it stays no matter that. They just glued them in but with neo magnets it ain’t going no where

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