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How to Replace a Clock Spring (airbag light & horn not working)

Main How to Replace a Clock Spring (airbag light & horn not working)

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    Learn how to turn off your airbag light and fix a horn that doesn’t work by replacing your clock spring. Replacing a clock spring is very simple, saves us over $600 …

    Joshua Lucero

    Nice wallpaper 👌

    Candy for Breakfast

    It's a neat and easy job, and a great money saver.

    Ayman Edelbi

    Where is the driftstang


    Nice Chris fix I am diesel mechanic and need job if you can help me then please

    M Chaves

    Chris, in some cars the air bag light doesn't go off after replacing the clock Spring. This is because the ECU needs to be cleared using scanning tool. My 2c there.


    I'd just take that clockspring extended warranty letter I got from FCA to my Jeep dealer and get it done for free.

    Rahul Biswas

    Where did u get back the prius

    The normal guy

    No one :

    No one:

    kevin valenzuela

    It will be cool seeing you building a car from scratch!


    Chris!! My 97 ranger and 98 escort horn doesn’t work but no airbag lights or any lights are on either of them , would it still be the clock spring ???

    Diego Temich

    Damn this video is old because look at the steering wheel and he doesnt have the hydro brake

    Eric Mwangi

    Thank you Chris. I have learnt a lot from your channel.


    SELL ME YOUR SOL !!!! 😭

    Khalid Kadry

    Can you make more vids plz

    Konrad Schneider

    "And we have no lights on our dash"

    Looks at tire pressure and fasten seatbelt indicators

    Are you sure about that?

    O.R Garage

    I’ve never heard of a clock spring and I’m down to watch.. but you wanna know what I’ve heard of before?? A turbo kit on a car..

    Elliott Gardner

    TPMS light flashing = time for new sensors.

    IamNot Toxic

    "The airbag wont go off,youll be fine." Famous last words there chris

    Zach the possum

    Prius😷 the worst car toyota could make the hi point of cars although they make good motors

    Emad Abdwn

    Engine light please

    Robert Coleman

    What are the chances youll do an ac diagnostics and fix for a 2013 kia optima anytime soon? preferably one where its not the compressor, refridgerant, or condensor? maybe replace blend door actuators on a dual air-con? i dont know what the problem is 🙁

    Alexander Lewis

    What if the previous owner had the stearing wheel off and didn't realign the wheel properly? What should I do or what can I do to replace the clock spring? Btw I own a 2005 Austin Mini Cooper.

    Wongani Yiwombe

    can you talk about computer box…

Viewing 24 posts - 1 through 24 (of 24 total)
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