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How To Replace a Failed Steering Column Bushing

Main How To Replace a Failed Steering Column Bushing

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    Loose Steering wheel? Steering wheel shaking while driving or braking? May be due to this bushing failing in the steering column. This busing came apart on …

    Tajinder Singh

    When u do a video on clock spring of airbag replacement

    J G

    Can't imagine how much time it took back in the day for one of these cars to go through the production line.

    Mike Belknap

    Thanks for the post. Great lighting, camera work, narration. Very helpful.

    Justin DeVincentz

    Great man beard 😆 I'm working on mine. Maybe next video, tips on how to grow a great charles beard 👍

    Jake Harders

    i always cringe a little when airbags are plugged back in. you can set off detonators, and coincidentally AIRBADS with esd!

    Ti ko

    Hmm. My mk4s just started to sound like a wooden ship when I turn the wheel. can’t hear it outside of the car. Wonder if it’s somethin goin on in the steering column


    Damn dude, you looking good in that HD!
    Oh, and the car too! 😛

    james preston

    these cars are not that good n not that fast lots of noise n not much go like the 4 motion shxt n the body and interior weigh tones like pushing an elephant up a hill


    Why cant VW learn how to do plastic, its been a problem for them for at least 20 years…

    Michael Luciano

    I KNEW you lived in WNC! Asheville native here


    I would hate to see what that would cost at a stealership!

    Chris de Haan

    When I worked at LKQ we used to blow off airbags in a steel cage. The cage itself would jump a few feet in the air especially since we would blow both stages of the airbag at once.


    damn no company out there makes a steering column bushing made out of Billet aluminum so you never have to change it

    azaria yehezkel

    This is is germany car?
    Or junk car?
    Junk car

    John Doe

    This is def not a easy job with someone that doesn't have a clue.

    R Freitas

    Nice video!

    Alexis Pinero

    Great Video 🤙 !


    Crickey! What a faff! But a faff expertly carried out as usual, great stuff Charles!
    Love the dash screen so much! 😎


    Again one good video. You must put Mk4 in the title to be find easier.

    Arthur Rodesiler

    Plastic parts seem to be a 1 time use……lol

    Mo Chubby’s Music

    I've experienced that when you remove the steering and related components for a similar job and then put everything back in place, sometimes you can hear a scraping noise when you turn the steering wheel. What could that sound possibly be and how do you avoid it occurring after the job is done?

    Mo Chubby’s Music

    From working years as a VW tech, I've learned that if something breaks in a VW, it's probably made of poor plastic. And in Volkswagens, a lot of things are made of plastic.


    Broken plastic on a vw WOW !!! I've NEVER seen something like that before. -_- good thing my mk3 doesn't have soft touch

    Mike Vee 123

    Great video Charles! Reminds me of a similar thing that happened with my mk1 Jetta coupe (broken plastic pieces on floor, rattling loose wheel), although it wasn't as intense or complicated as you demonstrated on the MkIV.

    The Mk1 derivatives (caddy, cabriolet, rabbit, jetta, golf, scirocco) use a plastic collared bearing bushing to retain the needle bearing cage that supports the column. Many times that collar breaks, which allows the needle bearing cage to wander off the bushing, creating slop on the steering shaft. That's what caused the loose wheel in my case.

    I found a slick aftermarket half-moon clamp that wraps around the column to contain the needle bearing cage. Using this fix I didn't need to pull the column and replace the bushing. Wheel was nice and tight again.

    So if you've got a shaky rattling steering wheel on your MK1 VW search google for this item:

    Best $40 I spent on the VW – been 10 years since installation and it's still working great!

    Cheers from Canada!

    Daniel Guzmán López

    Good tutorial. Thank you Charles!

    Mark Meier

    So did you disco the battery? Just curious as the clock and odometer we're still on. Not that I care but…🤔🤔🤔

    Willy Queen

    Thanks great video and that looks like a lot of work

    Daniel van der Wal

    Im more of a BMW guy.. but i love these video’s, i guess i’m never to old to learn something new! Glad to have you around!


    Thank you HumbleMechanic. Been in this way to R&R the dash for other work, next time around I'll check my bushing to ensure it's not toast.

    Watching this, the airbag removal clips always were annoying to remove (*coff*ahem* watch Charles' other video on this if you're stuck on that step!).

    Why didn't VW use the same T30 Torx bolt mounted each side, that Audi uses in the same generations?


    Damn it's so crazy to see the OBD Port on the left side and not in the middle console 😋

    Hans Frank

    I had the original spot welded steering joint rip completely out of a 1973 bus while I was driving. Not sure how VW ever got a reputation for quality engineering. I suppose the 80’s and 90’s vehicles were pretty good compared to other manufacturers but now that German boomers are retiring the future doesn’t seem very bright to me.


    I have a question unrelated but i'm going to ask it anyway. So in addition to my 2 modern cars I have an MGB that sat for about 10 years. The water pump started leaking and when I tore it down there was a bunch of mineral calcification in parts of the cooling system. I've thought about putting vinegar in the cooling system to clean up calcification before flushing it. Thoughts?

    Angel Gomez

    We have pretty much about same mileage on our vr6’s. Do you think timing chains will be an upcoming maintenance concern? Mine is a 24v

    Tim Bourgault

    Watching you disconnect everything reminded me of my days as a Avionics Tech, here is a handy thing to put in your tool box to make sure you get all your connectors back to where they need to go and have them stand out so you don't miss them. Hope this helps someone, they are a cheap investment and save some headaches.

    David G

    fuck VW cheap asses making items to last just "long enough" planned obsolescence at it's finest and they have no guilt for the all the waste they're contributing


    Haha, don't you love when it takes you 30s to swap the part but like 30mins to get to it?

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