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How To Replace Worn Motor Mount and Transmission Mount

Main How To Replace Worn Motor Mount and Transmission Mount

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    Worn motor mounts, or engine mounts can cause noise, vibration, or harshness. Today we are replacing the engine mount and transmission mount with …


    Great timing! The motor mount on my Mk4 Jetta seems to be getting loose. Looks like a pretty straightforward job.


    Dog bone felt good enough to leave?

    Zachary Reidenbach

    Maybe give us a video on the b5 Passat? 1.8T

    Marco H

    I always wonder which screws you really need to replace. Looking at the repair manuals of my Scirocco, there's almost no screw or nut which shouldn't be replaced… 🤔
    Most of the times i just reuse bolts if they appear to be in "good" condition (no corrosion, no constriction, etc.).

    Mark Dowdy

    How can you tell when you need new mounts? Is there a sound? Does it feel different on a manual vs an auto? TDI vs gasser? Thanks as always for the tut, Charles!

    Nick Name

    My engine mount was so word (didn't show at all) that I had to raise the engine about 8cm to get it back to factory height for the new mount.

    Nicholas Sahala

    Nicely done and very helpful, nice video Charles.

    Gplus sucks big

    Very nicely done, process is the same for the 1..8t engine mounts on my mk1 TT. Vw original mounts are 511 (eng) and 111 eur (transmission) lol. Buy aftermarket of course. Febi is the OEM manufacturer.


    Doesn't look much more difficult than my car, but sadly it looks more annoying (mostly to make sure the gap is right). Mine has studs you line up and the mount can only fit if the engine is lined up. Wonder if VW would consider something similar.


    I can only imagine charles' face while the other guy goes "yeah that looks about parallel on that mount"


    I remember that mine engine side engine mount was so tired, that the inner part was totally loose i could take it out 😀 One important note, the VW/Audi service manual says to replace the bolts

    Walker Stone

    The track density mounts aren’t bad in the VR6. 034 will tell you this as well since it’s balanced much better than the 4 cyl.


    Charles, should the R32 engine appear to sit a little higher on the passenger side than the driver side? New mounts didn't seem to change the angle. I had no idea about the engine alignment. I just slapped in my new (034) mounts a few years back. I may go check that alignment now.


    Once again, great video.
    One question though. Isn't that mark on top of the transmission mount used for alignment? I noticed that the engine mount didn't have that mark. I myself don't know either way because I am only a backyard mechanic.

    James Kaminski

    I dont know if I missed it but did you post the video with the spring/shock upgrade? I really didnt notice if you did.


    Engine mounts on my A4 2017 were just replaced under warranty. Can you please do the same video, but for longitudinal engines? I believe they have to be accessed from the bottom of the car.

    Boggin deep

    Hey Charles great stuff!!

    Zak Hamdan

    Great video..made it look simpler .. What are the key
    signs ur mounts are on its deathbed? Cheers

    GMAN S

    Perfect timing guys Thank You. My son and I recently did the the clutch on the GTI and yup, should have done those mounts. This weekend we are gonna sneak back in there and change em' out.

    Mazda Speed

    which size 3/8 extension ratchet you use on this video ? (18 – 24 – 30 inch extension ???)

    Thanks for your help

    Joseph Bonilla



    I always like watching your videos makes me want to get back out and work on my projects. 🙂 A bit of a side note I find interesting and maybe you will too, typical oems for cheapness including parts manufacturers use cheap rubber materials with a typical tuned mass system to try and reduce vibrations. Its the wrong material for the job, the are materials like some engineered urethanes that have purpose built characteristic of absorbing vibrational energy and turning it into heat. Yes rubber does this some but kinda poor it transfers the energy into the mount and they add stiffness to the mount to try and hold the engine in place better for race applications. These above engineered materials can be pretty stiff and yet transfer verry little vibration through. It sucks that aftermarket urethane mount manufacturers havn't yet taken advantage of these materials.


    Great video, I have these mounts and absolutely love them. We’re actually very fortunate to have a sport rubber mount as most aftermarket are poly (and poly is fine, just not for engine/transmission mounting imo).

    Daniel Hansen



    how about a change of fluids for next video ? 😀


    hey man awesome vid.
    I have a mk4 golf with the 2.slow engine in it., do you recommend swapping engine? or turbo charging that 2.0, after rebulding it with more compression and bigger pistons and all that? or just get an r32 and save on headache and money?

    Swiss JetPilot

    Is there a significant difference between the R32 and Audi TT 8J (BUB) VR-6? Is this DIY mount replacement basically the same for both engines?


    Hah, had my mechanic do these engine mounts on A3 8l (same parts car) just a few days ago 🙂

    James Schrumm

    Skull and crossed wrenches that would make a cool tattoo.


    Reminds me of when they put the fng on the commercial line at AAP…"why is this guy at Firestone asking for a dog bone? We ain't a pet store!"…fun times at the parts counter.


    Done mine, though having basically a Golf 1 makes it easier, just have to undo starter to get the new one in. Just have to do the transmission one to finish it, but they were not worn, just 18 year old rubber. Cheap as well, and work well enough being "second source", and funny enough the agents also use them as well.


    That really didn't look that bad. Great job.

    Bryan Ruiz

    this video would have been helpful a year ago. my 18mm bolts snapped in half one night and I supported the engine with a jack and wood. I ended up finding stronger rated bolts at the hardware store didn't know I needed to align it up I just hand tightened it down and had a shop torque it down.

    Mike Vee 123

    Glad to see you have the common sense to use rubber mounts, as opposed to using polyurethane. I've only ever used polyurethane on stabilizer bar end and body bushings (for maximum anti-roll performance). BTW – leave it to Ze Germans to require gap fitting placement and torque-to-yield bolts for motor mounts! 🤣 Regardless – this was a great video! Def'n easier to replace these MkIV's then my Mk1's. Those 034Motorsport mounts look awesome!

    Omar Cheevers

    My mounts were bad and it gave a knocking sound while driving. I could believe that they would have knocked so badly. Nice vid.


    Great video, took all the scary out of changing mounts!


    I am feeling weird about this video. We are coming down to the last of the modification videos. Still a few things I want to do, but getting to the end. Now I am bummed. Any advice on getting past it? 😉

    James L

    And why are they so expensive…I looked up the price for my Passat…Wow.

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