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How To Take Your Wheel Fitment To The NEXT LEVEL!

Main How To Take Your Wheel Fitment To The NEXT LEVEL!

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    CarPassion Fender Rolling Video Donut’s Wheel & Tire Video …


    Hahaha nice shirt. I ordered one the second the video dropped

    Babine Random

    Running stock 14×6, Planning to run 16×9 +15 with 225 or 240

    Craig B.

    I have 16×8 +20 with 215/40s on my NB. I want to go wider and I have tons of room to do it, but I can’t find anything wider that isn’t way too tall.

    Mike Cruz

    Oh ya be running same setup in the rear just 15x9s in the front

    ryan anderson

    I've got my 1990 na6t on 15×9 +35 advanti storm s2's with 225 45zr15 Goodyear gforce tires

    Bene N

    Must be something American, these crazy wheel and tire setups.
    For me a wheel/tire setup on a Miata is all about lightness and cornering grip.

    Jacob Bafia

    15×8 +25 Enkei 92s with a 5mm slip on spacer, wrapped in 225/45 Federal RS-RR. Rolled lip but no pull.

    David Perlich

    15×8 205-50-15 on a na, no major issues even if I go super low. I think the widest I'd go 225!

    burninghorse (dank supra)

    yoooo the intro is so loud!!!


    currently running a 15×7 ET30 with some 195/50/15 on my NA. Its got way better fitment than stock and is still light. Did not want to roll my fenders aswell. Super happy!

    Lyndon Rich

    Im running a very conservative set up, 15×8 on 205s with +25 offset, im not SUPER low (probably around 1.5 fingers of wheel gap) but surprisingly this still would rub on fender liner at full lock (like in parking lots) and squeak super loud so i removed it. You could just notch out the section of fenderliner but living in southern california it wasnt much of a worry for me. I just pull my wheels off and clean out the fender well every few washes. Loving my current fitment but will eventually need adjustable upper control arms in the back due to too much negative camber for my liking. I do have a mild fender roll

    Alessio Carlevaro

    And here i am wondering about 15×7.5 +25 lol but I don't want to roll the fenders


    Nice! Sent a request sometime ago. D baker.

    Love the content. Not going as extreme but going from oem to a 15 x 8 with a 25mm offset with a 205, then probably a 225 in the future. Assuming ill have to roll the fenders at the least.

    Miatas Forever

    I love my 15×7.5 TR motorsports CM's, wrapped in some 205/50R15 Yomohama's.

    It's not the craziest thing in the world, but I don't rub at all with my Tien coils on their lowest possible setting so I'm happy

    Aba Dibi

    i really want to run 16×6.5 with 195 tires and lower the car. Or go with 15×7 wheels and run with THICC tires to fill up the rest of the wheel-well.

    that_guy_is_a_weirdo _

    I have no idea what setup im running but i know i don't have to worry about it rubbing in the rear their cut up to hell

    bas kelder

    I got some 26" on my mountain bike


    MK4 Golf GTI (bagged)
    18×9.5 +35 with 225/35/R18
    🙏 Vdubs fam wya?


    Cut fenders and widebody.

    Congrats on 100k!

    Aaron Hurst

    really missing these tutorial videos Greg, thank you pal 🙂

    Michael Rubinfeld

    I have White 15×8 +20 Rota grids on my 1996 Miata. I got them because I always loved your original setup. I need to get a more aggressive roll on my front fenders as well as raise my ride height a bit because I hate the sound of rubbing on top of the fenderwell on hard compression.

    PSP Hacker

    8×15 ET20 195/50/15 on my NB. But rubbing in the front. Maby i should raise the…. WTF are you talking! No rasing!
    Fenderliner will be delete soon 😀


    I’m running 16×8 et+25 wheels on 205/45 tyres. Didn’t roll my arches, fronts turned to bacon real quick 😂

    Thanks miata dad for your sound advice!

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