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How To Tie Down – Properly

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    In the past I made a video called “How to Tie Down”. It was cheap and it worked but it probably wasn’t the best way to do it. Over the years I’ve found a better way …


    Whats up guys, thanks for all your comments below, lets hear more trailering tips and tricks! I know everyone has their way of doing things and I'm sure the pro's don't agree either. I knew the crossing the straps comment was going to ruffle some feathers but let me explain why you shouldn't cross straps… Lets say you lose 1 crossed strap in the rear or it breaks, now your load is totally loose because the 1 remaining crossed strap in the rear has nothing to pull against and now your vehicle is just free to go wherever the heck it wants and since the strap was crossed and left to right and not front to back it also loosens the front straps as well when your vehicle slides forward.


    Hey Matt can you show us a video on how to install helper springs or supplemental airbags on a 2015 or newer toyota tundra? Please?

    Thomas Ogletree

    I just use wheel straps. Faster and I don't have to crawl under the vehicle, being that I pull a gooseneck, it also keeps me from jumping on and off the trailer. What can I say. I'm lazy.

    Jim Whitman

    On our last outing I sat back and let my son take lead to get the taste when I was there as back up. We had to go out retrieve a rollover that had went down a cliff. They had the Durango up and sitting for us but it was fun getting it on the trailer with the front end broken up. I have expanded steel on my ramps and knew dragging a screwed front end up them was going to hurt, so I bolted down 2×4's and another guy brought C channel that capped the wood. Anyways loading done and dodging oncoming traffic till we got to pavement, the vehicle sat nice. My trailer has a lot of D rings along each side from a machine shop who used my trailer to move some work they did. They needed to secure things and I ended up with way more than I need.

    Gil Meacham

    Excellent video, Matt. Very complete, and lots of important info. Sorry, I don't have any stupid stories to share… except maybe the time when I ran over an "alligator" on the way to the rubicon and it flattened one of the trailer tires… but that's just another story for another time… Ha ha ha.

    rob the elder

    You want the straps angled so they pull against each other. This prevents the load shifting to the side. I always cross my straps due to the short length of the straps but at least have them angled enough to the side to prevent movement. Straight straps on a rubber tired vehicle can rotate and allow the load to shift


    Just bought the strap system 200$ shipped I hope it does better then my current setup well see

    Brandon Richter

    I'm old school, I use chains and binders. If I'm headed out of state I use both chains and straps caus I think Wisco requires straps.

    Gene Z

    Thanks for posting great vids! Cross the straps though.

    Michael Sullivan

    What is your thoughts on welding a ring on the axle instead of using a axle straps.

    A.W. Koonce

    My tip would be after your sure you good the first time with a new trailer or rig take a short 5 or 10 mile test drive and stop actually check everything you were sure about. Check and re check


    By not pulling the vehicle down and letting it bounce your shocks and springs are in motion continuously and it does decrease there life. After drag racing for years and tying down at the axle I went to a chassis class and after that I tied down the frame and started getting longer life out of both .P.S. I love the channel !


    I very recently acquired a tow rig and about to start trailering my Jeep. This was very helpful. Thank you so much.

    The Bearded Jeeper

    Great video. I need a truck and trailer

    Mad Jeeper NH

    I've seen Soo many knuckleheads hook to the frame binding up the suspension!!!!!! Kills me!!! Thanks for the video Bleepin' Jeep!!!!

    Big Tone

    Personally I like to cross my straps. Say the passenger side of the vehicle to the driver side of the trailer. And vise versa.


    No chicken πŸ“πŸ˜Ÿ

    hakm Ahmed

    thnax .. from iraq with love


    Crossing the strap is to help prevent load shift left to right. This method is used in the trucking industry.

    Robert massey

    Matt I hate to break it to you that alot of states make you cross strap for good reason. You might not have had it happen but cross strapping keeps it from moving side to side. Also yo uh should always stop after the first 50 miles to check your straps to make sure they haven't come loose


    12:08 Should it be in park? I've heard that you can screw up the parking pawl in the tranny by cranking down on straps while it's in park.

    Evan Emmert

    How do you feel about chains and chain binders for tying down a vehicle?

    antonio hernandez

    Matt when he said " i dont use ramps. "

    robert singleton

    I believe the some states require straps to be crossed on vehicles…

    Tall Texan

    Great video! The only thing is, I wouldn't suggest attaching the straps to the frame because as your going down the road the suspension can cause the straps to loosen and/or make a shock load on them which could cause them to fail over time. Also, some people suggest 2 non-adjustable tie downs as well as 2 adjustable tie downs. I'm not sure why, it's just what I've seen in professional towing.

    Mark Chidester

    Excellent video Matt!
    Not enough tongue weight and your truck and trailer will be swaying all over the lane. Very dangerous!

    david grant

    I use a small,plier looking, clamp to engage the trailer brakes. While the trucks running of course.
    I want to eventually bolt down a wheel stop on the trailer. Zero guess work.


    What about those wheel net straps that goes over each tires to create 8 total points, two points at each tire? How do you feel about those compare to the method and/or straps that you use?

    Cheap Jeeper

    It’s amazing how many people don’t know how to tie something down or think that something that is really dangerous is safe

    oldreliable303 Justin Scott

    I use string to hold my tractor on my trailer, it only slides off sometimes…..

    John A

    Nice one. But Tie down in a crossed pattern is the only right way. Or it should be done next to the strap you put on straight. It's not BS as you called it. The reason is to secure your load when you get into a situation were the trailer starts sliding form left to right. With the straps in a straight line, the crawler will slip of to the side, making the sliding even worse. By crossing the straps left to right ans vise versa, you force the load to stay in the middle of the trailer during some maneuvering action (if this is even correct English)

    Hunter O’Connor

    Also,, vehicle being strapped,, ideally, vehicle in neutral so you’re not pulling against the parking pawl and the load is distributed without the strain and tension from the pawl trying to keep it from rolling. After it’s secured, then put it in park.

    Hunter O’Connor

    Engaging the parking brake does nothing if the vehicle is in park. Proof here is watching your truck still move. Parking brake has no impact on front wheels. Engaging 4wd is the only way to lock all 4 tires from moving. A wheel chock is ok, but most ppl don’t have them, nor do they use them if they have them. 4wd is a must and the only way to ever load anything. If you’re cheap or uneducated and didn’t buy a 4wd truck, then have someone sit inside and hold the brake pedal so the truck doesn’t move.

    bobbin mudd

    It's not B.S.! Cross straps will hold the load from going sideways. Cleaned up several wrecks with straps straight and the load went off the side.


    You have come quite a ways since your early videos, Matt! You've learned a lot along the way, and taught us all a lot as well. Thanks for making this video, as there are far too many people out there towing unsafely going off misinformation they find elsewhere on the interwebs or from their "friends".

    You demonstrated the proper method of tying down a vehicle onto a trailer perfectly. I would just like to expand on your excellent point on NOT crossing the straps side to side: Crossing them, or angling them to the sides in any way AT ALL eliminates the redundant safety factor of having two straps, as if/when one breaks, the remaining strap is now by itself, pulling to one side and is much longer than it would be if it was setup straight forward and backward. The load will now walk toward this strap, effectively loosening it.

    Jared Jesensky

    You went to the old intro again? Is Jon still part of BJ?

    A.W. Koonce

    Great video

    Jonathan Moran

    The two straps in the front do nothing if you have to slam on the brakes or rear end someone. If the ones in the rear break or come free, your buggy will be in the back of the truck.

    Having the least amount of angle or close to vertical is best. Then all four straps pull the same. If one or two fail the load should still stay. Helps with side to side as well.

    Also, be careful with straps when they contact metal corners and edges. They will cut through. Chains, straps with chain leads work best.

    Used to drive commercially.

    Jeremy Burris

    The yellow straps are designed to go from one side to around your axle to the other side

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