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How to Write a Car "For Sale" Ad!

Main How to Write a Car "For Sale" Ad!

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    Omar Zowila

    Wow. The Miata has 130,000 miles and it looks like it’s in good condition


    banger vid

    Steven Lopez


    Alex Saab

    I tried selling my 9-3 for a couple weeks I learned nobody reads the description where I put all the details. Pretty annoying so I decided to keep the car

    Rick Thomas

    please do a last video with the Miata if at all possible, it would be nice to give it a proper send-off

    Gorilla Hackerman

    Step 1: Write "Car for Sale
    Step 2: list type of car, and condition
    Step 3: write in asking price
    Step 4: click out of the website, and go to Xvideos to watch a cartoon of a dude and octopus double teaming a chick

    Blue Moon

    I see some terribly written car ads and some awful pics. I see photos of the car filthy and dirty etc. I see some ads that say "no test drive" or "don't ask questions".


    I didn't know that Craigslist started charging for car ads. I just looked….. while the charge is minimal, it hasn't seemed to stop the two varieties of offenders:
    1) The clear dealer scam ads "selling" a 2013 Infinity G37X with "clean title" for $4,500.
    2) The mindless private party sellers listing their beat-the-shit-out-of car with two whole photos (which are actually the same photo – 45-degree angle, of course), zero information about the car itself, then adding eloquent text "let mee no wat u got".
    Maybe they should retool the site to force more proper ads.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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