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How we rebuilt our Buick Nailhead V-8 engine from rusty to roaring | Redline Rebuild Explained S3E3

Main How we rebuilt our Buick Nailhead V-8 engine from rusty to roaring | Redline Rebuild Explained S3E3

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    Our 401 Buick Nailhead V-8 rebuild project was quite an ordeal. Many of you have followed along with our Redline Updates and already know a lot of the ins …

    Ethan Hessong

    Rebuild a Ford FE or 385 series block.

    Darrin McSorley

    I love this. My late aunt had a mid 60’s Wildcat rag top, and it was her absolute pride. I am in my mid 50’s so only remember that car being about the same age as myself; metallic blue with I believe a white interior. That Buick stayed in our family for years, and it actually might still be in the possession of my cousin. Would love to know if the motor was a 401 or 425. Thank you so much for your videos, your historical perspective and attention to details. Very much appreciated!

    Jack Jacke

    Where do i go to get those tools n parts that walk over to the jobs by themselves? Handy!!!


    Whats up with Davin? Was that a compromise between his parents, one wanted to name him david, and the other wanted to name him gavin?

    Marta Davies

    Where do all these engines end up? Do you have projects they go into? Or do they belong to customers? Id love to have my survivor Mustang's 289 with original smog equipment done. Great work as always… thank you for interesting content!

    Doc Strange

    How much would it cost to rebuild my 1986 Oldsmobile 5.0L 307cui?

    Timothy LaPlante

    I'm pretty sure Cerakote is baked on to the exhaust manifold.

    Apple flavoured bleach


    Matthew Troiano

    If you had to do this again what kind of Klondike bar would it take?


    You guys make one hell of a team. Any chance of doing an old diesel or radial?

    chris walker

    So what happened to the body of the nailhead?

    John A

    Enjoy these Redline Rebuilds, Davin and Ben make a great team. What about something a little different, like a Corvair 6?

    Duk A

    Это вам не Приору чинить!

    GTX 1080Ti

    ok, i was wondering why you guys werent uploading the redline update! guess you were busy doing this!

    Great laker

    I used a ridge reamer in the past and its designed not to go any further than the rest of the bore. You really would have to make an effort to screw it up or the reamer is made by some barefoot Chinaman in a shed.


    I don't know about Buick's engine block inspection but I worked for a brief time at Caterpillar Tractor's now long gone building Mossville BB basic engine plant doing final inspection after machining and one of the things I looked for was thin casting flash that might break off when the engine ran and yes I removed it with a hammer and chisel.

    Racer 67

    Nothing is quite like what a freshly painted 60's v8 engine looks like when its brought back to its glory!

    Bruce Bennett

    if possible to ask, I would really like to know what type of Camera and set up was used for these Redline Rebuild vidoes?


    Davin = Genius

    André Gasparini

    where do you find the torque figures for so many different engines? Please


    when is it going on the dyno ?

    Richard Galli

    My first task would be to pressure wash the hell out of the engine and transmission


    What is it going into?

    B. Allen

    Cost for rebuild?


    meh…i would have went with the regular Buick V8, like a 300/340/350. Nailheads explode bigtime if you run them hard, everything cracks on them.

    Mr. Roman

    28:31 what a beautiful color

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