Saturday, March 25, 2023

How We're Equipping 25 Crown Vics With NITROUS and ROLL CAGES For Our Freedom 500 Race!

Main How We're Equipping 25 Crown Vics With NITROUS and ROLL CAGES For Our Freedom 500 Race!

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    Thanks again PUBG Mobile for sponsoring the video. Click the link and join the 600+ million players for free! We had some fun today …

    xzxx cx

    I don't know all your finances. but I feel like this all might run out of steam quickly. how many people are willing to pay an amount of money to watch crown vics race around a circle track? There probably won't be any live in car footage, and would probably get boring to watch quickly. I would personally rather watch circle track dirt racing than crown vics. The facility costs with just running the bathrooms and having the food court and running lights and maintaining the grass and not to mention repairing the bleachers. all of it just seems wayyyyy to much. I want everything to work! but I just can't see it happening with all the logistics. maybe just buying property and building your own place might have been a better route.


    Love PUBG

    Colin Spicer

    Lol had me smiling the whole time <3

    KING SLAYR69 X freedom factory

    Brady Lorenz

    No worries with the sponsorship during the video, its something that benefits you and we gotta support the race goals! it ain't cheap to let errr eat yeetyeet, lol.

    Kevin Noon

    I am disappointed in JH, where are the Pit Vipers?! I thought he sends it!

    dylan meggs

    Are you guys not on lockdown?

    J Bento

    Change Leroy to "HELL ROY" JUST SAYING


    lol cleetus whipping out the old tippman

    Daniel Roth

    Haha at least if someone robs coop you don’t have to worry about actually getting shot. Coops a spray and pray kind of guy lol

    fouoii gyhh

    I remember getting shot with frozen paintballs. Good times…

    Daniel Roth

    “JUST HANGIN” in the house

    Louis Turner

    Funny how people would pay thinking that people are actually going to show up to race…. just wow

    Chris Comer

    Just give matt from demolition ranch a paintball gun at the freedom 500

    William N.

    I think it would be smart to postpone this. Be smart about it. It isn't worth the risk with all this shit going around. If people aren't understanding about it, then screw 'em.

    Whoa Mikey

    Lol video sponsored by PUBG then COD Warzone ads during the video haha.

    Matthew Murray

    Pubg for life

    Heavy MetalThunderStrike

    With the current economic situation, most of the coddling of youtube stars is over…I suspect however, you will be fine…You acquisition of the "Freedom Factory" will allow you to let others enjoy fast cars, tire smoke, and obscene noise with others who enjoy the same thing, while allowing this at a "Proper Location"…Most youtubers only are out for themselves, you are for the "community"…Enjoy your sponsors….

    Drift Legally Blind

    Play PUBG on PC like a man! Although its hilarious the Mobile version looks & runs better than Xbox/ PS4.


    Cleetus and friends, I have a possible source for used aluminum bleachers planks. This place also has a line on some bleachers removed from a race track in DE (so not as close to you).


    Your cars need to get into forza


    Coop looks like he’s never shot a gun before..


    That’s the most entertaining sponsored video I’ve seen

    NotEvenThatGood GT Sport

    How about a paintballing video? Go out and play cleetus and gang vs faster proms


    Can we just go back to the daily uploads for absolute fuck sake

    Mr. Viper

    Has cleetus ever driven a viper??




    shave the beard leave the stash…Larry Bird

    The guy with the Truck

    I know safety is a big concern.. please please please make sure you have enough fire extinguishers and everything fire safety.

    03 Sierra

    You should run open headers on each crown Vic


    what is that song at the end of the video I forgot the name of it! lol

    Crazy Gamer

    PUBG Mobile- the new RAID shadow legends


    Wheres the fresh live action come on baby

    red eye


    Trayvon Oliver

    That's one way to thank the car pink

    Trayvon Oliver

    Wish I can be a part of this challenge it look fun

    Benny Tome

    Cleetus I am a big fan of your videos I just woke up this morning and thinking that you have a lot of power in speech for the Youtubers I’m just wondering if you guys can all get together and spread the word and help donate to the hospitals to help with this cOVID-19 virus don’t know if you’re going to read this but it’s worth a try take care everyone do it for dale do , it for the world

    hen ko

    I remember getting shot with frozen paintballs. Good times…

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