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    Win a 2020 Shelby GT500 HERE – We finally got a chance to take HULK the 2020 SHELBY GT500 to our local track ATCO DRAGWAY …


    It's really sad that the day is very near where grandma in her $30k electric car will do 0-60 in 2 seconds and smoke every gas engine car available.
    Won't be much point anymore in owning performance cars.
    Before you know it, high school girls in their electric cars will be destroying every one of these gaywads in light-to-light city driving.
    And there won't be a Billy Jo Jim Bob on errrf that's capable of 'modding' the performance of an electric car, so you're stuck with whatever performance you buy.
    It's all downhill from here for the future of performance cars.

    Johnny Jayy

    4:57 Did You Hear That Whine, Idk If That Was Normal, Not The Supercharger Whine

    Johnny Jayy

    Idk Why, But The GT500 Suddenly Got, Bland, At First I Was Psyched, But Yeah πŸ˜•

    CJFit 6.2

    Bro I’ve been with you since you had the 4 cylinder mustang. Congrats on how far you’ve made it!

    Armen Drives

    Fast Fast Fast. And it’s only the beginning!!!

    Cre3zBro. Steph

    I’m happy he consistently ran 10’s

    Michael Mac

    I want to see those times on lighter wheels and DR… in that weather you have a good shot at kissing 9.99. the mph is there.

    Top10 Entertainment

    U need to manually shift so u can rev it to 8,000 rpm's…. the auto is programmed to short shift. People who manually shift are getting the faster times.

    Ultimate M

    I'm really curious to see what kinda numbers the wife would put down.

    Professional Collection

    Love love love ❀️ your content. I’m so happy you take the time to make this a reality. Can’t image the stress. Screw haters! They jealous! Envious! Keep being you, your handsome and talented! AND I freakin love mustangs. #workhardtoplayhard #livingthedream


    Someone needs to crack the 500’s TCU so that it can get a performance transmission tune

    BULLITT 40

    Nice day at the track . Finally on the last run , no red light . Hey your still getting used to the car and I'm sure you will get it down . I always give the thumbs up and really like your videos. Thanks for another video Brother.


    ATCO is known for below sealevel DA which equals 15 hp to upto 40 hp extra power. The GT500 that ran 10.6@134 in Vegas would do about 10.3@137 at ATCO with sealevel air and at 700-1200 ft below sealevel DA, likely run 9.8@140+ stock. ATCO with its crazy, unreal, low DA isnot really reslistoc of average consistent times and speeds in any vehicle.

    Black Knight Mustang Lifestyle

    The Hulk Beast is looking awesome Bro. Stang Life 🐎

    Chris M.

    The new GT500s are all-around monsters! Great 1/4 mile times with only a little weight reduction (passenger seats) and Toyo R888s in the rear. Don't really count the resonator delete as a performance mod since it only a 7 rwhp gain, mostly for more exhaust sound.

    Rocco Velasco

    Bro i swear at 12:23 sounds like "MORTAL KOMBAT" I was like wtf then realized it was the cars in the background πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    Boost In Motion

    nice bro

    Rocco Velasco

    To be fair I know u said it's not tuned but doesent it come "tuned" from Shelby since it's blown?

    Greg Danner

    Did you really leave the rain tray in place? Take out there seat but leave that in? Silly boy.

    Warfighter Racing

    come on kid, hurry up. as you double bulb him…just stop

    AD Israel

    Nearly 75k you would think a muscle car would run 10’s especially with 700 plus horse power, these dealerships will continue to milk the public selling these expensive muscle cars that really only the Rich can afford without starving his family of standard living, especially blue collar America πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ»

Viewing 22 posts - 1 through 22 (of 22 total)
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