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Hyundai Just Changed the Game with This New Transforming Vehicle

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    Hyundai Just Changed the Game with This New Transforming Vehicle, DIY and car review with Scotty Kilmer. Game changer Hyundai Porest review. The truth …

    Scotty Kilmer

    Here's Why I Only Buy Toyotas:

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    Thomas Darby

    That little RV is nothing new. There are many tiny RV's made and sold mostly in Japan and Korea. In fact, they have their own RV show yearly. These are practical only in those countries where space is tight, giant RV parks and campgrounds don't exist, and speeds are not great.


    That Hyundai camper is probably going to be sold in the European and Asian markets. There are a lot of smaller caravans I think they call them Over there. And they don't have the massive interstate systems that we do with high speed limits. The power that thing has is probably more than enough for what it will ever be used for but it sure as hell will not be sold in the States or if it is it's not going to sell well. although with the economy people could be looking at it as a way to travel and also a place to live when they lose their house.

    Andrew Bellinger

    Oh well, there are 18 wheel tractor trailers that have 250 hp, but they have 1800 ft lbs of torque and 18 speed transmissions.

    Metroid Mayhem

    The Chevy trash lol wait that's real models.

    abdur rehman

    Battery is give full voltage and terminals are change recently and alternator is working fine but why sometimes after a long drive with or without A•C, car won't start on few early cranks,why so
    Car is Honda City 2000

    César Muniz – Ninja Models

    I guess is fair game if Porsche sue Tesla for using the technology they had invented like 120 years ago, just google Lohner-Porsche and see what I mean.

    Dan Saber

    What's next? the Chevy trash?


    Do they laugh at a supernova? 🤔🤔

    Chris Sparkes

    I only buy a car if it is close to 10 years old


    Try Safe Play Football Predictions

    ukeh fortune


    Fountain Of All Nonsense.

    you will be referred to as the ‘Poorest’ at the campsite 😂

    Marc Milton-Talbot

    Mazda made a small car called Laputa.Mexicans would laugh at that for sure.

    Jason Theobald

    Rivian supposedly poached employees as well. In doing so it isn't just the patents they are taking it is Tesla's company wide work ethics and future plans. Maybe it isn't the same patents he let everyone use but later ones that tesla needs to keep innovating. Idk. I'm a little more forgiving.


    want to work as apprentice under Scotty

    Mark Little

    Hun-Day. I have no idea why Scotty can't (or won't) pronounce it correctly.

    mason dipple

    Hyundai RV wont make it past 200 miles

    Dingas Healthy Lifestyle

    Elon Musk is pathetically crazy. Lots of creators of car companies thought of electric vehicles.


    I don't know what I'm more shocked about, the game changing yet again, or an American pronouncing Hyundai correctly!

    Falcon Vision

    Hyundai ran out of names? Maybe they should change the name to Forest instead.


    its a kia kc2700 body yeah it has a weak engine alright, hello from 🇵🇭


    Old Mercedes-Benz cars are good

    Russell Hancock

    They are all made so terrible and they don't last very long. If I had a choice, I would convert an old School Bus. With it, You get a metal roof that won't leak after it gets 10 years old.

    DRE 2000

    The diesel pickup version is very reliable and cheap much better than a diesel Toyota 😬

    niall rothery

    Chevy trash 🤣

    Angela Nicholson

    I'd love that.

    Daniel Cho

    The rv is based off a truck called "Porter" and added the word "rest" thus ending up with "Porest". However I agree that the name isn't suitable in English speaking markets


    Scottie, people aren't buying RVs for vacationing anymore, we just can't afford rent…

    J G

    Elon is not the ceo of tesla anymore, right?


    Hi Scotty we love you. We need your advice. What do you think about the 1995 Dodge Ram 1500 conversion Van with only 30,000 miles on it. It has always been garaged and appears to be in mint condition? The asking price is reasonable. We know you don't think much of the Ram truck but how about the Van? Your input would be really appreciated.

    Balqis Izham

    If Mercedes is the biggest money pit on the planet, how about BMW?

    Steve Stone

    Scotty rolls royce jet engines have nothing to do with BMW. They're still british owned. Thankfully.

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