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I Accidentally Bought The 2 Cheapest Cadillac Allante in the USA

Main I Accidentally Bought The 2 Cheapest Cadillac Allante in the USA

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    Hoovies Garage
    Diary Dom

    I live in a little village in a very rural uk county but I want one of these.

    Dank Masters

    My face fell asleep


    The β€œNew” Allante…………Kelly Bundy

    Big Green Truck

    I had that oil pressure light pop on in my Northstar powered Caddy. Turns out, Northstar engines are picky about oil filters. Change the oil, replace the oil filter with an OEM AC Delco filter, and the problem should go away.

    Richard Rashty

    I so enjoy your videos. Funny stuff, thank you

    sexy korean girl

    what a house

    Rj D

    it is a great highway car, especially at 120, and it sticks to the road. If a bird shits on the hood, it has a sensor. I love mine.

    Rj D

    hybrid top was to minimize the weight and complexity of the mechanics of a fully electric top

    Garrett S.

    Man… but darn are they purdy.


    Hoov, I think there just might be something to mounting that keychain as a trunk dealership badge to display one's prowness in fine motorcar investing…

    Bob Smith

    "The styling isn't Pinninfarina's greatest hit, it's much more blocky than the typical Italian-designed car you would think of…"

    The styling is exactly like Italian cars of the same period by Alfa and Lancia and Maserati, etc., most of which were designed by – wait for it – Pinninfarina.

    Also, the "I'm starting to question my sanity" shtick is really wearing thin. Opening every new video with the same trope is, well – frankly it's boring.

    Kristen Sorensen

    Love that intro🀣🐼🌷


    GM is honestly one of the dumbest manufacturers in history. So many stupid designs from them, two very obvious ones in this car manual/electric top and a transverse V8 in an Italian bodied car. What a bunch of morons.


    Those cars are pitiful, sorry! LOL

    Brad Klingensmith

    Not the Imperial dude, not the Imperial.

    Michael Allen

    I've always wanted an Allante since I worked in a Cadillac dealer's body shop and learned how the tops tend to break a lot.
    Hoovie, you need to trade me one for a 2006 Pontiac Torrent!

    JD RS

    Some Toyota 4 cylinder engines had that problem too; where the cylinder head contracted and expanded, until the cylinder head forced the hard head bolts to pull the threads meant for them on the soft aluminum block, thence blowing the head gasket. I had to use a Time-Sert threaded bushings kit for my mother’s 2002 Toyota Camry. The same could be done to those NorthStar engines. However, It is recommended to use a stud kit for the cylinder heads, rather than head bolts on those NorthStars.

    Mark Demmin II, The Vintage Voice

    This just proves that absolutely NO sacred car in your Hoopdie fleet is safe from your wandering eye and wayward wallet! So, no more luxuriant sperm whale oil for you buddy. Just man sperm because you CLEARLY got F***ED in the ass in that ultimate boneheaded trade! πŸ˜’ I thought you had more class and sophistication than that. You know, it actually hurt to watch this video. I can hear Doug Demuro giggling all the way in Chicagoland!

    JD RS

    I really wanted to buy one of those a few years ago, to replace my slippery 95 T-Bird. …and by slippery, i mean the Ford 4R70W transmissions on those were rather shoddy, and the car would suddenly slip out of gear on the road, then lurch back into it suddenly.


    Wow those things are ugly inside.

    Van Shan

    Putch-yo pinky rings-up to-the mooon…now watchyall tryina do…24 karat magic in the aaaiirrr..head to toe soul player..

    Panos Coach

    Car Wizard : " Actually Tyler is a very clever person "
    Really??? He gave up a rare masterpiece, an Imperial approved by Leno himself , buying two piles of crap.
    For the first time I think he doesn't love cars and he is just an another clickbaiter.
    Thats why he failed as a car dealer, now making great burgers.

    Tomasz Klisz

    Is the Aztec next? Or HHR? Or Prowler?



    Gasparilla Media

    So very disappointed in you for making such a stupid trade. Maybe your self proclaimed idiot status is not just a schtick.
    Letting that Imperial Convertible go for this junk is without a doubt the most asinine stupid moves you have admitted to in any video.
    I had really thought you were crazy like a fox, until today.
    Be ashamed, very very ashamed.

    Daz PWC

    How come the red one has two different sets of wheels?

    oscar gustavo arcos ruiz

    I have two Ford Pinto, one orange and the other green, in poor condition and $ 100.00, in cash, I give them to you in exchange for your Lamborghini.

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