Wednesday, March 29, 2023

I ACTUALLY DID IT… I Bought a MINT LBZ Duramax at the Auction!!! *SUPER LOW MILES!*

Main I ACTUALLY DID IT… I Bought a MINT LBZ Duramax at the Auction!!! *SUPER LOW MILES!*

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    Taylor Haut

    Somone put that z71 sticker on it. Not OEM

    Steve Krabill

    I have an lbz 1 ton. Great truck. Looking forward to seeing your build.


    Line up the trailer to the blazer. Then use your truck's winch to pull it onto the trailer. Then drop an LSX into it

    kyle lombard

    tesla truck is sick bud


    Is that a long bed?


    I can dibs on dash fiber trim.

    Nathan Countyrman

    Try some starter fluid

    Richard Morales

    The new Tesla Truck is Fugly, for wait your money…


    I wish we had more c7 v8s in the uk I would love having one wake me up in the morning

    Benjamin King

    That’s a new give away truck and imma enter

    Isaac Benitez

    Install leather seats in the new (old) duramax! 🤙🏽

    Maxwell Currier

    Check your distributor and your coil on the blazer! The excessive water could’ve fried either one!

    Jason Lemkau

    Can you say giveaway vehicle?

    Malyn Taylor

    probably a fuel issue if it turns over so good

    Jadon Fowler

    Are you out of gas??? 😂

    Hott’s Tech Fix

    I wonder if he’s going to keep this truck like the 04 and possibly the 2020 are you keeping all 3 of em??

    Boise City Auto

    In Mike's next video He canceled his 2020 Duramax lol

    Subi Driver

    Please let this be a giveaway

    Supreme Master

    DME 5 stage tune is a must.

    Maria Guzman

    You should lift it 7 inches and put some chrome specialty forged

    Shawn Hill

    Spark plugs

    Nathan Vansickle

    Next giveaway, Shayne’s been telling him to give away his truck forever.

    Locked&Loaded 717

    Hey Mike, the new LBZ build should be pretty sick! Looking forward to it! As far as your blazer, check and see if its getting fuel pressure. May be a bad fuel pump man!

    will borkowicz

    hey for the blazer check the mass air flow sensor

    The Duder

    Can you do a truck build and not a parking lot princess build, the other dmax looks like a jersey shore truck

    Chaise LaBrie

    Check engine lights on. What a surprise

    Big Josh’s Garage

    Water in distributer

    Jordan Reece

    Your gear shifter is outa the newer chevys

    Jason Heiman

    I already almost love this truck more than the dirty max, can’t wait to see what you do to this one

    Cohen Bowman

    LB7 was the best motor

    Peyton Brown

    26×16 polished and color match the bumpers. Show truck kind of stuff

    Jim S

    What an idiot you are and your tire and wheel "expert" are. Do neither of you not realize your new wheels are directional? That mean they are supposed to go on a certain side of the vehicle All four of your wheels are made for the SAME SIDE. Depending on how you want the look you can chose, but logic seems to show that your passenger side wheels are wrong. Also, please don't buy any more Corvettes. Asshole, immature drivers like yourself give serious ZR1, Z06, Z51 and stingray owners a bad name. You drive around in "track" mode with traction control greatly reduced, on tires that have limited adhesion below 50 degrees and try to break them loose. I would hate to see you crash the car due to your immaturity as it would make one less ZR1 out there. Stick with the loud polluting trucks and crap cars (of which you own NONE of them) for your idiot displays of immaturity. If you want to go fast safely and legally, try tracking or dragging your loaner cars. Of course you tried a bit but you were a great failure. If you owned or leased your ZR1 you would be entitled to a greatly reduced price at the Ron Fellows Corvette School in Spring Mountain, NV where you could use the car to its fullest within your ability. Of course you are obviously afraid to do that and don't qualify for the discount as you neither own or lease the ZR1. Prove me wrong…. but you can't.

    Jake Dawson

    And the all new teslagon lmao

    Nathan Besher

    Is no one gonna point out that hes calling the new dmax a quad cab when its a crew cab and his old dmax is just an extended cab

    Red dirt Rich

    Probably water still in the intake

    Fatal Hellwolf

    OG DMAX: Show truck
    NEW DMAX: Tow rig


    Gonna have to follow this build. Just picked up a 04 Crewcab Duramax

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