Tuesday, March 28, 2023

I Bought a FLOODED TOTALED Subaru WRX STI from a Salvage Auction & I'm going to Rebuild It!

Main I Bought a FLOODED TOTALED Subaru WRX STI from a Salvage Auction & I'm going to Rebuild It!

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    In today’s episode we jump into our budget flooded WRX STI Get Honey for FREE and save on your holiday gifts Honey has already …

    Joshua Jones

    Hey I would like to help with the wrx

    Chucky Ortiz

    I purchased mines 2 days ago for $4500 2005 sti completely stock clean title really clean inside out

    Saheed Persad

    Here’s the car I forgot to watch the auction for. Ha ha. Good to see it’s coming back to life vs what I would have done


    nice i got a impreza too for 3k

    Car Stories


    Sister Brothers

    Where is the damn boat build?

    Frank Gara

    you talk way to much….dude cut it off..

    Chris Vong

    Can anyone tell me what roof rails those are?

    Nolin Darling

    this is gonna be a good build

    Alex Morris

    Well we know what the goonzsquad's next build will be now

    Anderson Duran

    Finally an sti

    Jt Rawls

    Probably could tell I had some mods because the stuff was missing and it’s got aftermarket radiator

    Tomas Aguilar

    How can you get a title if it’s total loss and it’s a flood car? I have a export only motorcycle title how can I get it removed?

    Yony Sofer

    Im in high school and im in love with that car too

    Joseph oliver

    What about the frame saltwater Causes rust I would check the frame to

    Smiles PerGallon

    These’s STi’s only come in manual via 6 speed. WRX has 5 speed, or auto.

    rolando limon

    Wtf hell nah that’s how my subbie looks now, you got a steal !


    You have me back as a viewer

    Immortal PeaceKeeper

    Would "Honey" get me a cheap wrx?

    denzyl casuela

    k24 that boi

    Lee V2

    Super hype for this build.

    hermes alejandro cerdenia

    Your purchase price is high considering it is 2007 model and a flood damaged car.

    brian ross


    Shot by Hoodie

    Atleast it came with a Mishimoto Radiator lol


    Let me guess, a shitty wide body kit is incoming


    What auction website did you buy this car from?

Viewing 27 posts - 1 through 27 (of 27 total)
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