Thursday, March 23, 2023

I Bought Half of a Burnt Supercar for my Next SEMA Build

Main I Bought Half of a Burnt Supercar for my Next SEMA Build

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    In today’s episode we’re picking up our new Lamborghini Huracan project car shell, and going over the gameplan to turn this thing into one of the most unique …

    Andrew Beharry


    Bradley Gother

    This is what i want to do. B is for build rocks

    R.J Lyons

    It should
    Lambo 1/One
    And Lambo X

    Professional Rookie

    You going gloss clear on the carbon fibre or Matt clear like street bandito's did?

    Elijah Aumentado

    can’t wait for this build to finish. goodluck!!!!

    dharma poozle

    Good Luck!!!

    Lee Griffiths

    Your mad, totally insane…and its why i watch.


    Is it done yet?


    Subbed! Can’t wait to watch this awesome build unfold! Should be sick when you’re done! Tying in all the electronics might be a bitch though!


    Boss you will get too much effort its gonna be very long way…


    Project Phoenix! Nice. Very much looking forward to seeing this progress over the coming months.

    Logan Pride

    Soo it’s sorta like an r8

    julian galgano

    ls swaps are usually annoying but this is fucking insane and i cant wait for the finished product. and i love how its manual

    Flawless Fatality

    Annnnnd another let down


    I do agree that this build is far from a relatable build, but doing a build from scratch still teaches more about cars than taking some cheap car and just bolting new parts together and repainting it the OEM color. I'd still learn about carbon molding at less.


    Talk about a "project"! Still you didn't need sleep anyway.


    rottary huracan?

    Stefan Entzeroth

    jesus yopu are fucking crazy and i fucking love it this is why you are my fav car channel on YouTube GOOD LUCK its gonna be amazing


    Yeeeah man! Cant wait to see this build. You have some great drive and imagination Chris. I wish you all the best of luck, sincerely.


    Hell yeah texas speed!!!

    Carlos Gabriel

    This should be fun to see

    Nick V

    I hope to see some engine love as well, I don't know if Texas Speed has the engine ready, but if not, I would be very interested to see their tuning/manufacturing process. Just subscribed to see this project 🙂


    Building an LS powered super car, and not using V12 LS. Shame


    Dont sell the otherone or dont sell this one


    AAAhahahahahaha !!! You're insane !!! I like you.


    Have you been watching the street banditos 240z build?

    oh yeah yeah

    I bet its gonna be a LS swap

    D motherfucking

    Just imagine a 2jz lambo

    Darren Logan

    OMFG. Can't wait to see this project finished. Never say it can;t be done…

    Demented Unicorn

    I was waiting for you to say 2JZ but I guess a LS could do the trick _(ツ)_/¯

    Michael Wall

    Super cool project. Can't wait to see this take shape, loved last year's project think this one will be even more epic.

    Rich Ung

    I hope for corn fed anti lag flames

    Jared Petersen

    I’m just flabbergasted :0 at your new project wow. This may be better then Goonzquads Lambo build lol 😉


    Nah. Just 2JZ it.

    Randy Bryant

    Your pushing all the right buttons on this one

    the light the truth

    Insane..just insane

    Sahil Hak

    I can’t wait to see the end result best of luck

    Scott Dowsing

    So excited!!!!!


    So bored of lambos.

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