Thursday, March 23, 2023

I Bought My Dream Lamborghini at 82 Years Old: The Village Bicycle of YouTubers

Main I Bought My Dream Lamborghini at 82 Years Old: The Village Bicycle of YouTubers

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    YOunG ThUG

    You should put some nice rims

    Phil Mullins

    Whats not to like about the Gallado, it's sex on wheels

    Graham Nugent

    Enjoy your beautiful car, I curious though did you get a ticket or did he let you off?


    I am worried about the future of this channel 🙁

    Huzaifa Sultan

    Just wait until he takes this one on the track ..


    just give it to your cuteGF to drive. she will look better in it than you. it suits her. now have i got a car for you.

    Chad Johnson

    I met that sales manager at an Aspen, CO track-day event, he bought our group a round of drinks. Fun guy to hang around, needless to say.


    32??… I’m sorry I thought you were already pushin 40 😬😬😬


    The early version would not be my choice. There's got to be mechanical issues that were worked out later.


    I’ll watch you when you’re 60. Look at Leno. He’s great no matter what age

    PCray ThePlug

    Hoovie sounds like he had a couple puffs down in Colorado

    Smitty Rock

    Thing looks brand spankin new

    Capri24v Cosworth

    Congrats and Thanks for another Great video.

    Plaid Panther

    Nicely done Hoovie! Excellent analysis! What does the Car Wizard think about the purchase; warms his heart but thins his wallet?


    Butttt… your driving a manual.. so not like every Youtuber with a Lamborghini

    Rusty Shackleford

    Everything on this is cool… except those gay ass normie doors!

    Who decided to make a Lambo without Lambo doors? An idiot, that's who!

    The Ike

    Has soon as I saw Hoovie shift
    I was like: Its a manual!!!


    Get paint protection film


    Poor hoovie his hair turned all gray

    Tim Davies

    Gorgeous colour another great video

    Tamiya Fan

    Hit the nail on the head about drivability and fun factor and how it's lost on most of the new supercars coming out these days. I'd take a manual supercar any day because that is all part of the enjoyment of driving a car. Most supercar owners can't even drive a manual anyway and the only fun is showing off the car to inflate their egos or driving as fast as they can which just ends up making them targets to police or worse. I wish all super/hypercars came back out with a manual option to bring back the true enjoyment of driving.


    The new house looks good

    Wafi 31

    I love those wheels!! I used to look set for my Audi but than find out I don’t want 19s lol

    Davlin Pattison

    Atleast it's a stick shift…

    Davlin Pattison

    Doors dont go up… sorry not a cool lambo


    Next episode:

    Replacing my lambos transmission

    j freed

    When you're standing next to it in your driveway it's too perfect, I'm just expecting a small meteor fragment to whack the hood or something. But if that doesn't happen, I'm still happy to watch.

    Thomas Lack

    Lol I actually feel kinda disappointed, this Lambo is both older and uglier than the Mclaren. Hopefully it'll be more reliable though….

    Mr Clean

    get the dash custimized with a more modern screen sytem

    white phosphorus


    Colton Talley

    Love the vid BUT bro….. iron those pants. Cant see my homies out here like that…


    Is nobody seriously not talking about his hair !! What did he do to his hair lol

    Okey Ezeilo

    Not sure Lambos are as cool as they used to be. Even McLarens are getting a tad overexposed. Looks like Ferraris are becoming cool once again…


    Take that, Tavarish and Samcrac! Hoovie bought a Lambo AND IT'S NOT BROKEN!

    Ty Mac

    Congratulations Tyler

    C&C auto&vlog

    Manual G!,

    Samuel Shevels

    Looks like that car has turned you grey already lol

    Samuel Shevels

    I can't believe you got rid of the McLaren for an older car which cost more money. Lambos suck. McLarens are amazing

    Wtf Happened

    If you don’t drive this and keep it original for 50 years

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