Tuesday, March 21, 2023

I Bought the Cheapest Aston Martin Rapide in the USA! Less Than a New Honda Accord?

Main I Bought the Cheapest Aston Martin Rapide in the USA! Less Than a New Honda Accord?

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    Hoovies Garage

    In B4 people start criticizing my parenting. SUPPORT THE NECK!


    I mean I would own it, since it looks expensive since it is an Aston martin

    Nick Haired

    The body sort of reminds me of the Model S


    2019: I'm not buying any more cars
    2020: I'm buying as many cars as possible

    CNX Expat

    I really like the style of the car. It looks much better than the Porsche, Mercedes and the other competitors you showed in the beginning. But the red interior is an absolutely no-go.

    NoCap 757

    I've been watching you for years this is the best looking car you have ever bought and it's my favorite better that the rolls as well it's just hott

    NoCap 757

    Beautiful baby bro and that aston is so sleek and just perfect omg I'm in love with it

    Andy Lewis

    Is that a Missouri temp tag

    Josh Easparro

    Clickbate bullshit

    T Newland

    I, for one, am finding the constant complaining about the Astons' falling short of cutting edge technology to be nothing short of banal whimpering by "the have nots and never will haves". Hand-crafted cars have their own exclusive allure which transcends time and whatever is currently "trending ". Aston Martin is a statement wherever the finest cars assemble from La Jolla to Pebble Beach, from Palm Springs to Tahoe and beyond.

    reno flames


    D Minh Nguyen

    I bet he buy this car because Freddie V12 Vantage


    Congratulations on your beautiful new son! The Aston Martin is gorgeous, but your son will give you your best memories. 🙂

    Tristan Albertson

    Ps; this cars in GTA5.

    Merc Zuckerborg

    This was a good purchase. I'm impressed.

    Jean Paul Doe

    That baby is beautiful!!!


    You sleezball, suit, Asian child and I’d buy a car with sawdust in the gearbox from you lol

    Max Parmenter

    I have honestly never hit the "like" button before in my life, but damn this was too cute not to.

    Quirilio Vilorio III

    Hoovie you should compare it with your old Aston, see if it really evolved in built quality and so on.

    Ivan Ds

    Bet that engine and trans won't last as long as even an old Accord😆

    Shift Gears

    Paying $44k for Honda accord is big mistake

    P-Town Shankzilla

    My 1996 328is had similar windows, although only the front. They roll up and down when you open and close the doors.

    oh damn its that guy

    Hey Hoovie, are you sure that baby is really your's? it is way better looking than you are. lol yuk yuk yuk


    Accord is better

    Ryan Jamieson

    Moving the comments is like moving the flusher on the toilet

    Awab the gamer

    Where is the crystal key?

    Danny J. Rumbles

    Gorgeous car and your son is as cute as a button! So sweet!

    David Shore

    Can’t help but wonder how much this man pays in car insurance per month. It has to be a fortune

    Aaron Sun

    That is a gorgeous fusion nice buy

    Mountain Man Dale

    I always loved those tweeters that popped up!

    Mountain Man Dale

    I always loved those tweeters that popped up!

    Brian Colvin

    Watching this as a guy who has designed engines and can fabricate his own exhaust system….. 😐

    Brian Colvin

    Cheaper than an accord…… for those who can afford to go in and pay cash for an accord…….


    Gorgeous sedan 😍

    Dirk Winchester

    This clown lives to hear himself talk. Just show the car and quit trying to be a talk show host.

    Maximiliano Luera

    ok two things: 1.) as soon as i realized how cheap these cars are getting i knew this was gonna happen at some point and 2.) tyler holy shit your kid is absolutely adorable

    Jeff Woodard

    what kind of mpg you getting in a v 12?

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