Saturday, March 25, 2023

I Bought the Cheapest Fiat 500 Abarth in the USA!!! (Damaged from ANIMAL ATTACK?)

Main I Bought the Cheapest Fiat 500 Abarth in the USA!!! (Damaged from ANIMAL ATTACK?)

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    Martin Kulik

    he makes good videos, but he is too random, don’t follow up on cars/repairs… and his choice of cars suck, i mean if he chooses some e46 m3, or some classic or even e92 or just some other car that is worth to watch to buy and repair, but he chooses these random uninteresting cars that makes me think he is missing out on his own talent with bad car choices and lack of follow ups on his existing ones…

    Luis Escobedo


    Alexander Hamm

    No comment on the size of the car? The fact that it is Italian crap, the fact they bought Chrysler? All good?

    Paula Benstead

    It's makes me laugh in England we have abarth at 300 400hp


    Why are you buying all my dream cars first the e500 then the e class now the fiat =))


    They're cheap because they're crap.


    You spent $3,900 too much for that POS

    Cesar Roman

    There was an abarth for sale in my hometown for 2500 had a blown turbo


    Tip its pronunced A-Barth not Ae-Barth 🙂

    Dilbics Inc.

    4:59 what we hear with the open window TPTPTPTPTPTPTPTPTPTPTPTPTPTP

    Ayush Malpeddi

    How to increase the value of your car: buy a cheap car and make a YT video with a million views on it

    J T

    This car might be fun to drive. But, a Fiat Chrysler. "No thanks".

    Debraval Reyes

    That engine is made horrible

    Debraval Reyes

    Company made Chevrolet crappier.

    Debraval Reyes

    Good car that will last a year


    The cheapest in North America is the fiat 500 pop 1.4 NA .

    Mr. Reese

    Abarth, with an A like "aftermath", not an A like "ey!"


    AYBARF ???? 🤣🤣

    Àbart with a strong T at the end . Not aybárF .

    Speed Racer

    Nothing wrong with it if u take care of it

    TheSlowFoST 402

    Turn up the boost


    I think the smell was from an old Italian sub.

    Jacques Chevrier

    “$16,000. Dirt cheap”


    CoonDawg 45

    That thing is a shit box.


    Junk car

    Philip Kopp

    How does one find "the cheapest 'whatever car' in the USA"?

    Rudy Pryately

    Didn't watchjrgo pay 2500 for his

    Sharon Fernandes

    Make it widebody and all wheel drive


    Damn I’ve always hated this car . Didn’t think he would ever get it

    Chris Lemaster

    Newt Tyler video I brought the cheapest Nissan Cube Krom !

    WINDOWS 10.1

    There are import companies in Europe that only business is importing American Fiat 500's and selling them at insane profits here.

    David Chen

    the audio in this video is just……

    Glenn Goetz

    That's the one I won on The Price is Right, I hit a small dog and totaled it!!!

    Bobert Beaubert

    You paid $4k for a Fiat? You deserve what you got. You’d have to pay me $5k to own one.


    it was designed in italy. and americans say is that in london ,or near scotland .


    americans have to change everything ,what the fk is an A barth or i barth. ABARTH, and what is a FFE YOCHT ,is it a boat . its there in black and white ,but i suppose your gona say blue and white ,and tomaaaaato .

    Abdullahi Ibrahim

    You have to a-bandon saying a-barth. Its not a-propriate.

    Alessandro Cazzato

    Every time you mispronounce that A-barth, an Italian car enthusiasts dies

    Oh Teck Xuan

    Watchjrgo has one also for 3000
    Hoovies Garage bought one for 4000

    1000 more expensive

    Watch the Triple!

    George Costanza would be proud of your wallet.

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