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I Bought the Cheapest Mercedes 500E in the USA: THE ORIGINAL Porsche Panamera?

Main I Bought the Cheapest Mercedes 500E in the USA: THE ORIGINAL Porsche Panamera?

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    josh boss

    Respectfully $10,000 have u lost your mind. However I guess that's what you do for ur channel so… good luck.

    Robert Carlsson

    Peice of junk…


    Why are these worth a ridiculous amount of money when a reliable Lexus is worth nothing?


    I am so jealous, I will now have to turn this off.


    Hey Tyler, I own a 1993 320E and my car is fully sorted out but it always needs water no matter how perfectly sorted out it is, I would consider you keep 2-3 1.5L bottles in your trunk because you never know when this yellow water light will turn on on your dashboard, also avoid uneven cobbled roads as they will shake the car and empty it from all the water it has.


    My first car was a 1993 320E with 500E bits and pieces from the factory, completely sorted out (it was my dad's). It drove like a real driver's car and wasn't meant for everyone, only car people would love to drive this car today, the gas pedal was hard as a rock to step on, the steering wheel was just perfectly balanced between stiff and smooth. We bought the car in 1996 and kept since then, around 5 cars came and went in our parking spots but this one stayed and always attracted buyers. Here's my W124 story.

    Fred Vallenet

    I am surprised you did not mention the sausage steering wheel!


    Sells the best and most reliable Mercedes he ever had for its leaking cousin.

    George Hearne

    Can't wait to see how many mortgage payments the Car Wizard will be able to pay with this one! Hurry up and bring the "Everything wrong with"!

    Matthew Archambault

    A Koch owned it?


    always like the 500E. guy that bought my 02 C32 has one…kept the BBS LM wheels off the C32 to put it on his 500E and sold the C32. lol… guess buying my C32 for $4k two years ago was cheaper than looking for a set of genuine BBS LM 18" champion edition for Mercedes fitment.

    Brink Wolak

    I laughed when he hesitated when he said “Make it Great Again”, he’s like do I make the joke or don’t I. The abrupt cut tells me he said something about it then changed his mind. Lol

    Brent Waterbury

    My rare supercharged 500 hp '06 S55 AMG (just 429 in USA) make this 500E look like a POS–yet today still goes for just $8-12K! And my car cost way more than Hoovie's—$140K in today's $$. The Utter Nonsense in the used car market…


    Very expensive car to maintain, always use OEM parts on this one.. BUT 100% a classic.. When its a good one, (low miles, history etc) this will go up up up up… Fix it and put it in storage.. Money in the bank

    Martin Sng

    Love the w124s, durable, timeless`)

    D. Breslin-Barnhart

    Gen 1 CLS is beautiful, brother

    Jaion Cebollero

    I’m surprised you haven’t tried your hand at a e55 amg yet.


    Change all the oil and filters in the car you will be suprised how well the car will start working


    you have a meese problem…. meese LOVE german wiring harnesses….


    I've to see a deal on bring a trailer lol

    Pondering Geek

    Beep beep another Hoopty Heap!!! 💥👍

    Law Mol


    Azri Fadli

    Sleeper cars

    barry phillips

    It peed on your driveway, ha ha, car wizard David will fix it and be living in his mansion soon thank Tyler.

    Kevin Jordan

    Check out the 500E forum. Many for sale and all variety of 400e, 420e, and even 320e.. Basically all the W124 chassis. Congrats on the unicorn.

    Nathan Ton

    I love the 500E from that era but that car is more than a hopty it's a pile

    Walter Crim

    What 80s video game had flight of the bumble bee?



    james bond

    Make it great again.

    Julian Lancelot


    james branks

    7:52 who was laughing ?

    Max Rockatanksy

    Wizard cashes in again

    Hoovie's wallet has left the game

    Yann Landry

    Hey Tyler! I subscribed to FYI just to watch your show but on Saturdays at 10 PM EST what I see on the guide is Parking Wars!!

    Chad Qualls

    Koach used to own this? Not sure why, but somewhat impressed.


    this is the best car you have ever bought


    Take it too the Wizard, he can now afford to put a neighbours kid through college!

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