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I Bought the Greatest Luxury Car of 1966: The Imperial Crown Convertible by Chrysler

Main I Bought the Greatest Luxury Car of 1966: The Imperial Crown Convertible by Chrysler

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    norman duke

    Much nicer body than Jay's '67.

    anton farquar

    Superb , Thank you for a wonderful tour of those singular Imperials

    barry phillips

    You bought a land barge, except a barge is probably better looking!!!!

    Luke Schroeder

    Keep that Imperial. That era is perfect. I have a β€˜68 Mustang with a 302 and it’s a dream. All the class and elegance, with a cool factor and it has AC, front discs, and power steering.

    Doctor Proctor

    I phased out for 5 minutes and thought he was Sam Rockwell.

    Elon Wong

    Look what's rong with the Prius πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    Brett Schiewe

    Cool car Hoovie, but please never wear that shirt again !

    D Gibson

    You better be making sure your oil in the engine has the high amount of ZDDP it requires to keep the Cam lubricated and happy. Also a lead additive to keep the Intake valves lubricated and cooled.


    Hmmmmm need more NOS πŸ™‚

    Captain Obvious

    That Roll Royce has ruined you. Rolls Royce this rolls Royce that.


    Hoovie! I approve!πŸ˜πŸ‘

    Saph Films

    If you think about it… that real wood is now 153 years old, and the tree the wood is sourced from was planted during the civil war.

    Hamel Patel

    New land yacht


    Ok youtube I clicked. Video is recommended to me but I could give two shits about cars. I want conservative voices on my recommended, not irrelevant car dudes.

    Nick Brock

    does it not have a seatbelt lmao

    Scott Roberts

    Is this the Similar car they used in the greenhornet movie


    My uncle had one exactly like this. He made a ton of money selling cars for a living. He was a bachelor, dressed really well and lived the life of a playboy. In 1967, when I was 10, he drove my mother (his younger sister) to Phoenix from San Diego to visit their sister who was scheduled for surgery. My mom stayed in Phoenix for a month taking care of her and my uncle and I drove back after a few days with the game plan to go back to San Diego. We barely pulled out of my aunts driveway when he asked me if I wanted to have an adventure and being a kid, I said sure. He drove us to Vegas. He smoked cigarettes and drank beer the entire 300 miles or so. My dad drove a sedan and it was the first convertible I rode in and thought it was too cool.Β  He didn't get drunk or drive too fast, we just cruised along. We stopped and got something to eat and he flirted with the waitress ( he was good looking guy) and I thought it was funny. We stayed in Vegas for 3 days ( he called my mom when we got there and I don't think she was happy about it) and stayed in a nice hotel with a pool. We ate in the steakhouse every night and slept in, get breakfast and hung by the pool, him drinking martinis and chatting up the occasional woman. He'd gamble a little at night while I hung out at the room watching T.V. and eat ice cream. We drove back to San Diego, him nursing beers and smoking and me drinking root beers the entire way. He'd kept the top up until the heat day passed and I remember the cool night breeze and open air feeling. The car was really nice and he got compliments every time we got gas (back in the day when the attendant would fill the tank and check the oil) and when we'd stop to get something to eat. It was a really good trip for a 10 year old boy. He was a cool uncle to have taken me on that side trip with him.


    The imperial is band from the demolition derby circuit.

    T Hyslop

    Man that car is SWEET. KEEP IT. Remember Dad rented (the ragtop) one on a trip to California, then later he owned one. .He also owned the 1963 Lincoln Continental (ragtop) So, letting me test drive the Imperial on the city streets at 12, I was having trouble with the sensitivity of the power brakes. Do you think he cared as I was only 12 driving around? He did not care.

    On that Imperial you just barely touched the brakes and you got instant reaction. Dad always found the humor angle in everything. Sensing my frustration with the brakes he tells me. "be careful, if you fart on them it will send you thru the windshield"

    Bobby Craig

    Ah YouTube recommendations where have you taken me today?

    The Absurd

    Inflate your tires.

    Hank Rogers


    Gil T. Azell

    What do skinny jeans and cheap hotels have in common?

    No ballroom πŸ™‚

    Blake Lantry

    When are you gonna fix that in Prius


    Lincoln and Caddy were better sellers

    Rafael Fiallo

    All this proves is that the same marketing BS a Don Draper type came up with for Chrysler in 1966 still works in 2019….whale oil on the seats….lol…..the rear end has whale oil in too…..I predict this car will be broken in 3 months.


    There's only one word to describe that beautiful car. Glamourous!

    Angel S Rivera Jr

    My jaw hit the floor when I saw the thumbnail. That car is gorgeous!!

    Nickolas Mailloux

    Please Hoovie, tie up your heater hoses away from your belt. There is actually a mark from the belts touching it.

    Jimmy Page

    Just got two 62’s I’m going to restore I also have a 65 Chrysler New Yorker same body style and super comfortable.

    Christopher Bowen

    how many miles?


    Let's bury it..

    The real Big Snooks

    Gorgeous car brotha

    JR Warner

    Nice..:Love the retro Chrysler…440 is too cool..and a convertible,too!! and Mopar…. Winner!!

    carson clonan


    P W

    Shame on you Tyler! Taking advantage of alcoholic dementia ridden billionaire Jay Leno like that!

    Shaiky Mandel

    The best luxury car. What?

    Marcelina De La O

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    Matt Shown

    Y’all should buy my 1963 Pontiac Catalina

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