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I Bought the Greatest Volvo Ever Made: TURBO BRICK WITH A STICK!

Main I Bought the Greatest Volvo Ever Made: TURBO BRICK WITH A STICK!

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    AutoTempest.com – All the cars. One search: …

    Hoovies Garage

    Support me and my generous sponsor by searching for cars on Autotempest. Since most of you click around searching for cars online all day anyway, this is the easiest thing I've ever asked you to do: https://www.autotempest.com/?utm_source=youtube&utm_medium=video&utm_campaign=hoovie&utm_content=turbobrick

    Ranger Tom

    No wonder Volvo went under and the Chinese bought was left of them.
    With all the different models.

    John Shinners

    So now I gotta start searching for Volvo turbo wagons lol Everytime I watch one of your vids I end up wanting to buy every hooptie you show us!!!


    What about a saab turbo… great engines.. great cars shame GM killed the brand..


    Always cringed at how in the 80's/90's they put badges/decals on that advertised the vehicles specific technologies. It's not a car of that era without turbo, direct injection, common rail, intercooler, 5 speed, automatic, executive, etc, all plastered on them.


    One of the best marketing campaigns of the 1980s – the Volvo Turbo Wagon vs. the Lamborghini Countach ads. https://images.autotrader.com/scaler/620/420/cms/content/articles/oversteer/2016/09-sep/09-20/257117.jpg

    the nation new england

    I had an 88 brick…that was a tank….It was 2003

    wa t

    greatest engines of all time? stop that nonsense please

    Redbad van Rijn

    If its an fk engine.
    Make a 5mm hole,in the whaste gate hose valve.

    Shawn Warnick

    Other than YouTube what does this guy do? Buys a lot of cars.

    Rafael Heeren

    If you don't fix the paint I'll be soooooo disappointed….


    Time too watch (drifts and lifts) and you will what this wagon can do

    Kremer M

    2:58 "How Dare You!!" 🤬😡

    Christopher Stanley

    You wold have mad a cool 80s Dad with that Volvo

    Christopher Stanley

    I owned a 1989 760 turbo grey and grey interior .. I love the leather old school Volvo smell

    Tokyo Jon

    The Volvo 1800 is the finest Volvo ever made. I miss my 1970s Volvo 142. Stick it into 4th gear, like you can drive it to the moon.

    Andrew Baird

    Polaris alloy wheels are worth £3000 in the UK alone

    Dru Bradley

    SISSY!!!!!! put bunches of Esslinger engine performance parts in it… and drag race it…. Heck, harvest a XR4ti drive train and put that into the Volvo… And then, throw 12 cases of fresh eggs in the back, and then road course it, and try not to brake the eggs… That sounds like fun to me…

    Ludvig Ylisuvanto

    Also, needs more poppys

    Ludvig Ylisuvanto

    Swedes be like: Bötta den då förhelvete

    Jerry Larsson Lauge

    1000 bucks for the headlights and the chrome trim around the windscreen, ship Em I need Em.

    Sergey Babkin

    I didn't even know they made turbos with stick! Though the shifter doesn't look original at all. About the A/C, they had this aluminum tube that went along the fender, corroded from the contact with steel and let the freon out. Later they made the replacement part out of steel.


    Hoov get yer azz over to Turbobricks, the former owner(s) is (are) there… we know this car.
    Also we want to point and laugh in person.

    Lenwood Cruze

    I must not be using AutoTempest correctly because I've searched for 2 vehicles to no success…..nobody is selling one.

    Will Mac

    Could have gotten that dead mint for 4 grand in the early 2000s


    Hey Hoovie I have been watching your videos for a few years now and love them. But one thing I noticed you haven't added any sort of 60s american muscle to your hooptie collection. I my self love this era of vehicles and would be awesome to see you bring something of that type home. They are very easy to work on once you know what is wrong with them so I can see it being something you could even work on! keep up the good work


    Why do I feel like this man lying & did not find his car on autotempest

    Rick Daystar

    Paul Newman built several Volvo wagons with Ford V8 race engines with the Volvo looking dead stock to the unaware.


    I looked at an SVO at a dealership several years ago. It had a metal on metal sound when the boost came up. The A/C didn’t work but the compressor stayed engaged. I was trying to determine where the noise was coming from. I cut the belt leading to the compressor and the sound continued. The impeller was contacting the turbo housing. I was picturing pieces of metal from the turbo housing blowing through the intake. I passed but I really wanted the car.

    The Taco11

    I always liked the Volvo's style.


    I had a turbocharged car, and the turbo did disintegrate gradually on the hot side, slowly plugging up the catalytic converter to the point 60 mph was maximum. The head gasket had blown previously, on the last day of warranty, they just slipped a new in there without looking too hard for why. Once the why was known, a turbo with similar characteristics was installed without removing the head, it 'felt' a little larger, took a little longer to spool up…but when it did, Hello, that catalytic was fried and removed, the inexpensive replacements weren't yet a thing. If you reset the engine computer, it would give you 4 extra pounds of boost, good for one pass. The shift linkage had the power to provoke fury in those susceptible to it, it was a 1987 Dodge Shadow ES Turbo, Black with maroon interior. It had those new Goodyear Eagle VR 50's with that directional tread pattern I had doodled almost everywhere from the first time I saw it, it was my second car, and first new one. Not exactly refined, but the heavy duty clutch that I did use in ways not intended, to keep that boost up when doing a burnout, it remained in operational condition until year four. It also did something very well that I paid no attention to at the time, loud music was always present…and I could still catch the snap, crackle pop of the exhaust every time I geared down for a red light. It was a sound I later learned to appreciate fully, and the 1994 Civic Sedan SE 5 spd was quiet…Quiet until the mid pipe rusted and a 4.5 inch polished stainless mid pipe back deep bass muffler was installed. The intake was a washable K&N, the stock air box, the top of it was in my place, the par5t in the bumper was sealed off. From a standstill, in 2nd gear, with the a/c on full, and the throttle opened as far as I dared, the Civic turned all the heads, that intake was loud indeed. Whoops, I've written another book, I'm gonna have to start publishing this mini books….I did have installed a well researched and balanced sound system, at highest maximum clarity, it would defeat all other sounds, I do miss that. Have fun with that wagon, and remember, there was a fellow that would sell you a ford 5.0l V8 install kit that was delivered in suitcases. Paul Newman was very enthusiastic about driving the resulting sleeper.


    Im 54 I came from a preppy town. I never heard of the brick. My buddy had a 760 sedan. Pretty sharp back in the day. I would be taking a good look at the turbo. But then someone has to pay the Wizard and it ain't me.

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