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I Broke the R32 AutoCross Racing

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    This video started out as documenting the day of an autocross racing event. It turned into more of a story about me breaking the R32. The polyurethane bushings …


    What do you think of this type of video? Something a little different than normal. ๐Ÿ™‚


    Mam, only the bushings? That's awesome


    Nice upload, sorry for the poor r32 but it sounds great! Just slightly less than a busso!

    Aiden Picker

    Ur licence plate is showed at 5:43


    Powerflex bushings suck. Had the same problem with my R53 Cooper S just daily driving it. They had less than 5000 miles on them.
    I put a new set on and a few thousands miles later the new ones started making weird noises. I jacked up the car to inspect them and they were cracked.


    Your beard put too much stress on the drive train

    Harrison P

    Good to see the car driven.

    Harrison P

    Those bushings were a waste of time.


    The car looked really planted in the corners, cool to see. Shame on the bushings though.


    Hi,no offence but you did not install the bushing correctly, when you change the bushing in the control arms the front bushing must (very important) be torqued with the weight of the car pushing the control arm or you can simply put a jack under the control arm,lift it until the car is lifting up and then torque the front bolt ๐Ÿ‘Œ


    Is that bogging down in 1st?

    GD Tractor

    I really liked the video !!! Great performance and run !!! Sorry about the bushing !!! A lesson perhaps.. but the rest of the car did great !!! Thanks for the video . love these types of vids !! GD Tractor

    Matthew Shambler

    If the sales and marketing department are to be believed, Powerflex are the best.. This definitely shows otherwise!
    Maybe try making your own as a replacement? I've always had good results from Meyle (HD range especially) and Febi.. Chances are they manufacture them for VAG anyway.

    The R32 sounds absolutely beautiful!

    EL paWLo

    i don't understand how you don't have over a million sub's your content is awesome the knowledge you share is priceless

    David G

    wow those bushings have been nothing but JUNK!


    As a 2x mk4 owner.


    Charles Williams

    Charles in charge โ€” good driving!


    Wow, those bushings were absolutely thrashed! Now I know what not to put in my Mk4.

    Gregory Lopes

    Nice 3 wheel action in the R32! Would love to see a performance head to head between the R32 and Golf R sometime soon.

    Tai Wilson

    my old Evo 8 blew a front diff at auto-X


    how badly did you get sunburnt that day? lol

    Adam Randell

    The R is definitely more wallowy than the r32 but damn that 32 sounds great, those tyres are great I use them myself on my XR5 I use to use P1's but found the RE's grip better under braking. Go back to rubber bushings, I found that with heavy use over time urethane ones just crack and fall to pieces. I had a 2004 Focus RS that I tracked and it ate urethane bushings for breakfast, I think it had to do with shock from having stiffer suspension. Great vid…

    Walker Stone

    FTD Motorsports GT1 bushings.


    Gott sei dank war es nur das Lager vom Querlenker ๐Ÿ˜€


    Its tough to get good Autox footage, but you did very well here.

    Joseph Garay

    My mans you gotta look into fabless manufacturer I had their heim control arms for my vr6 24v and they were killer

    Dana H

    I like your videos and all but that beard is absolutely frightening…

    DNA Automotive

    Good evening. Would you have any info on valve adjustment for a 07 beetle? Any help would be greatly appreciated

    Zachary Tyhacz

    damn you know how to drive! its crazy how tight you took some of those turns while still givin her gas and the body roll is still very very minimal – great suspension there


    I live in holly Springs, howโ€™d I not know about this

    K M

    OEM gonna be the best bet. I don't know why after market parts don't last on VW unless it came from the VW vendor itself.

    David Williams

    Love this video,do more like it.Thanks

    Jean F

    Hardened rubber should fix that . I know hard race is China made but they make the best hard rubber in the market .

    Justin Hudson

    Always wanted to run my GLX b4 my wreck, but I sold it to another VW technician ๐Ÿ˜ข

    Joshua Bell

    Had alot of 3 wheeling going on in some of those turns, maybe could use loosening the rear seat bar a bit?


    Yikes, I really think the manufacturers of poly bushings of succeeded in marketing their product as "performance" when I think rubber is probably the best compromise.

    Why is your r32 classed as dsp? It seems close to stock or a street touring level of prep to run in STX?

    Btw, thought it was funny you kept looking back when the rotary drove by haha

    Luis G

    Great runs!

    We TOLD YOU those things would blow up your car ๐Ÿ˜‚ bummer to do that job again but at least you can make quick work of it. Any idea on how your upper strut bushings are doing? I have a set but I need to find a weekend to throw them on.

    Todd L

    I had the same thing happen to my rear energy suspension bushing when I had my 20th

    Kevin Steeno

    Am I supposed to thumbs up you breaking parts? Or just thumbs up because its another great video. P.S. the beard sticking out past the helmet looks cool.

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