Monday, March 20, 2023

I Can Explain… Ft. STRANDED IN A SNOW STORM With My 600LT

Main I Can Explain… Ft. STRANDED IN A SNOW STORM With My 600LT

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    hot rods CJ7

    If you can please do this it will be so cool so can u try to get a snow plow for the 2020 dirty max plz do this

    mr dtm

    hi mike i've been a subscriber of yours since the first yellow corvette just wondering if i was to buy a poster of yours can i please get it signed by both you and shane


    The two cracks in the wind shield = cringe

    Skyler Erb

    Just keep the McChicken


    I spin around my yard and count 7 vehicles!! But.. some reason they just not as nice as Mike's…. weird.

    Pj Degiorgio

    I haven’t watched much lately what happened the to the grandpa vet

    abraham galindo

    the next give away es the lbz

    Jdog28 Goetz

    Don’t drive the Mc Larin during a snow storm

    Garrett Scott

    11th is my birthday. Would be nice to win it lol


    Also mike change the colors of the power stroke and cummins red is cummins blue is power stroke please please please change them

    Harry Manback

    Yes do a give away on lbz


    Lbz durtymax is next give away calling it noe

    EJ Campbell

    I will buy the blazer $500 and I can pick it up Tuesday

    Brandon Richards

    What happened to the raptor??

    Ian Price

    Mike thinks no one would buy the exo blazer but boy is he wrong


    No GT500?? And didn’t you used to have a Yamaha quad???


    Most nerve racking drive, snow drifts in a 350,000$ car

    dawson miller

    give me the blazer

    Luke Durham

    Everyone on the 11th is answering every random number even if it’s the middle of the night 😂😂

    Southernstyle Muddin

    Anyone else see the 717 on the hood of his mclaren after the drive in the snow????

    levi scott

    Why's the power stroke tag cummins red, and the Cummins tag Ford

    Derek Lambert

    That mclaren just depreciated another 10k


    If someone cant think of what the next giveaway is then they dont deserve to watch the channel anymore lol btw that's a real dream driveway 👌🏼

    Jake Tanzillo

    Southerner’s when it snows: OH MY GOSH GET OFF THE ROAD drives 5 mph everywhere

    Northerners when it snows: Mike at 11:07

    Flying Bob

    A lot full of 4×4’s and he drives a sports car in the snow.

    Travis Reising

    Don’t get rid of the blazer


    on this episode of hoarders


    is the windshield cracked on the mclaren? @9:18 it looks like it is, wasnt sure if that was one of the issues you've been having with it or what.

    Connor Bates

    Is that a crack through the windshield??

    Travis Reising

    Dam mikes almost to 1 million let’s get mike to 1 million


    I want to see mike replace the 600lt with a new audi r8. You get a huge v10 for noise and you get awd for the winter fun. Also its much cheaper and something different

    atd _steve

    Nice touch writing 717 in the hood

    Daven Tenenbaum

    I’m emptying the bank account for the lbz

    Kenneth Pauli

    I'm really glad you got to enjoy her in the snow bud


    Where’s the stranded part


    717 on the hood


    "If the car was ONLY 200 grand I'd keep it" fuck my life lol.

    January Morris

    The McLaren looks so happy with the snow on the front


    Damn sign me up for a powerstroke key tag asap.

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