Thursday, March 23, 2023

I Changed My Mind… I'm Buying This for Me!!!

Main I Changed My Mind… I'm Buying This for Me!!!

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    OUR 2019 MUSTANG GT500 GIVEAWAY IS LIVE! Every $5 spent at is an entry! Good luck! JOIN US FOR OUR 600LT …

    Logan Cowles

    What if all 933,000+ of us showed up😅

    Jordan Heatherly

    I’m a HUGE corvette fan…but your mclaren’s are growing on me. WAYYY out of my price range but I think that the 600LT is definitely the sickest car out on the market right now. Excellent choice and excellent spec. Looking forward to seeing it on the channel despite others opinions. Keep up the good content👍🏼

    Kyle Stroia

    Love the mclaren! Cant wait for the videos!

    Danny I

    no, that phone is not good quality

    Obrien Luna

    the zr1 blue is way nicer than the c8 to be honest

    Austin Wolleman

    Love the 600

    Greygoose c5

    😂😂😂 Dont make me laugh with that "Audi reliability"

    Alex Troncelliti

    I saw you on west town road the other day with a pastel green Porche👀👀

    Ralph Smith

    A man buys $300,000 cars and doesn't have an extra battery for his GoPro that's some funny shit

    Turbo Mike

    What’s the spec on the C8?


    Accident destroyed my 2012 gt Procharged car(not my fault)
    Purchased 2018 gt350(new off lot)died on the way home from work towed to Ford(diagnosed engine failure) WTF

    Matthew Appleyard

    I really hope you get the gt500 too!!

    Micah Van Wagoner

    I think you should do more Maclaren content, I’ll watch it all!

    Bryant Diaz

    If you are gonna use the phone, get the iPhone 11 pro. You can film 4K 60 on both front and rear cameras.


    Oh piglet is so cute

    Austin Tamcke


    Albert Alby

    McLaren is better than anything else stock for stock. Those people can shove it

    Tenbears Running

    My last six new cars, have been black, and I really thought, if I could ever own a newer Corvette, Black would be my color of choice. BUT, that Blue wrap is amazing on your Corvette. Great choice, "epic" 🙂

    hannah rylee

    where’s the truck stufffff

    Eric Olsen

    Be respectful of other peoples cars, some really high dollar crazy stuff…. This would the perfect time for Send it Steve's to pull in the Bruce or the cheapest pos minivan even with a dealer that plans to send it to auction lending it to you.

    Saad Ganie

    I hope he is getting a 675

    Jason S

    Every time I see this channel….he is buying a new car..( expensive cars at that)……hes got to much money!

    Jason Gilbreath

    Once you hear the scoop noises your going to want to share it with us as much as possible with the car!

    Mr Andersson

    You created it. It's your child.

    THTT Productions

    If you ever do a Gallardo giveaway I'm down.


    I'm going to start calling you Brian earl spillner.

    Mike Smith

    Glad you're getting that McLaren!!


    Was that a Senna hiding under the car cover at the dealership?? Mclaren has really stepped their game up over the years. For me, they’re just some of the best super cars on the market

    John Nowak

    When are you getting a warehouse for all your cars?

    Jeff Giampaolo

    So glad you are getting this. Wish I could make next week but already have other plans. I’m all for more McLaren content. It’s how I discovered the channel. F the haters. Seriously, why do people get so mad about what you choose to post? They need to get a life. You should post what you want to post.

    Seth McClain

    Do a give away with a Jeep Gladiator

    Patrick Duke

    I wish it was 70 degrees here.. 100 club!

    Mike Ronan

    So glad you decided to get the McLaren! It looks insane…

    chris harper

    Mike tell TROY how he can get his account back is 2 reset hi password and get it set as a long strong password and tell him 2 write the password down somewhere

    dudder86 dudder

    Wow honestly I would rather have the mustang and I hate anything over 4cylder

    Stu Cain

    I thought I was already subscribed. 🤦🏻‍♂️


    That dude Troy is to much. Any time he pops up, it's always something odd relating to highlighting him…


    Damn bro there are real Red headed step children in the world, now that's fucked up

    Epic Brandon 35 14

    I’ve lost interest on 600LT

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