Thursday, March 23, 2023



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    l m a o idk y i suck

    Pdm Bur

    @adam_LZ when are you gonnea track the GT3 RS?

    Techno Nerds

    Happy birthday Alberto!!! 🎂

    Looks like he was having fun.


    Love the sticker on the back of the S13.


    Congrats Alberto!!

    RXT Spicy

    I think the S13 looks better without the front bumper

    scp22 ELJORNS

    Your wife please put her in the videos

    scp22 ELJORNS

    Were is necole


    Haven't watched your videos in a while but since when you become o pedophile xd

    Casey Kock

    Collab with DDE

    Casey Kock

    Collab with DDE

    Casey Kock

    Collab withDDE

    Daniel Davidson

    wtf no upload yet 🙁

    Reid Crutchfield

    I don’t comment on anyone’s videos ever, but I gotta say man I’ve been watching since you and Cody have been making videos in the back yard and your old highschool bench spot. Absolutely love your content and couldn’t be happier to see you mount tires, doesn’t always have to be flashy but you make quality videos my guy. Thanks for all the fun on the boring or sad days!!!

    _bigmanTING Big darg

    I hate when he says my guy ur just sounds cringy

    Thomas John

    9:26 awkward adam #3 😂 convinced its turning into a thing


    Connect the squeegee to the crazy kart

    Art Life

    Adam “broken car(s)” LZ

    Battle Geek!

    Habip hooray, habip hooray, habip hooray…🎉🎉🎈🎈

    Staggering List2

    when are you going to do more BMX videos?

    El Sito

    the ending lul

    Nicholas Gilson

    Sorry about you and nicole adam atleast you get your cars to keep your mind off of it. Im going through a divorce its tough but im losing my car because of it and always been a car guy its rough. Trying to figure out how to build a new car. I cant find any s15 in new england.

    Hen Gaming

    Go to Japan. Like this so Adam can see it.

    Spill da tea

    Adam El Zed from the Mexican hoon gang

    JDM Gaming

    i guessed 1250kg which 2727lbs is around that!


    Hello hello, welcome to the grillo show

    Luke Jackson

    Ptgv hobo kbkb

    Howard Walsh

    Happy bday big boost

    Joe Nels

    owo happy endings lol

    Joe Nels

    check out dynabat im not shure of the spelling but check out the back ad pages in street rodder mag its a really small powerfull battery for street rod applications eh

    Remy Wilson

    I started to watch Adam at webisode 7, I fell in love with bmx because of him. Love from Straya!

    frederick tremblay

    These little chix want some boost alberto

    Doug Wirtz

    Should call him mini boost.

    The Gaming Bandit

    I saw a Z while watching this video

Viewing 34 posts - 1 through 34 (of 34 total)
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