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    Samira Peri

    600 yards? NFW was he going the speedlimit.

    Ghost Rider

    Time for a motorcycle collaboration. Alex, hit me up brother. I'll take you round the best curvy roads in Wales

    stoney fur

    If you want a van how about a VW T4

    Andreas Strauss

    I really hate bmws naming conventions now if its called a 330i it should be a 3.0L Straight six! But whats even worse is Audis new Naming convention what the hell is a A8 55 TFSI Quattro S-Line? Is it good or does it mean it has a small engine?

    Isabelle Thornton

    I agree with Ethan except his examples are rubbish as there are two different cougars and pumas 😂

    Ethan keenan

    I just brought a sport ka 1.6 for £200 to flip


    Top Gear presenters in waiting do yet another great podcast!

    C T

    Going up in the world with mic stands

    daniel mcc

    The fact its a lancia is enough motivation

    The English Trucker

    Painting car stuff with spray cans can give a great result. The hard part is know what steps to do to prepare the surface. Pro paint jobs get wet sanded and polished up with a machine to make them look so good. It can be done at home.

    Ben Hale

    Shall we crowd fund to get Jack a laptop, so he doesn’t have to read off his phone


    I'm with Charlie on his story, the somersaults that vehicles do create tremendous amount of force on the spin.
    My wishes go out to Charlie and his passenger!

    JFB 101

    A Street Ka Named Desire.

    aki ladd

    There is a peugeot 507 so Ethan technically was right 😉

    Emil Rijsemus

    Imagine these podcasts being posted daily!


    Honda great choice for a bike 👌


    Question for everyone. Would you call an RX-8 a coupe or a saloon

    themepark kieran

    Ethan should try and fit Jack's turbo

    Reece Spencer

    As an EP3 driver, the BMW naming convention annoys me because I don't know anything about Bimmers and I never know whether it's worth putting my foot down when I pull up next to one at some traffic lights.

    P King

    Agreed, numbers for car names are meaningless to me as well.

    Steven Spilsbury

    BMW 5 series Grand Coupé…not a coupé and not even a 5 series…talk about confusion

    Jonathan Beale

    Alex releasing his inner Cartman with “singing.

    Miles Finch

    Maybe don't have stories of idiots nearly killing themselves and their passengers!!


    You guys should do longer podcasts! 😁

    DRE 2000

    Any reason as to why people say “Reverse Backwards”?

    Steven Spilsbury

    Poor Ethan didn't really get the cougar pun

    kapten awesome

    10:42 platidip it! Donut garage did a new plastidip on their "low car" 350z and it looks great!



    old skool cool vines

    Next time can you do a live stream so we can ask you live questions like so that car throttle can see👍👍👍


    In Glasgow during lockdown the city centre was absolutely dead. Not a soul in sight. The only people on the street in broad daylight were the homeless folk with no other place to go. I pulled up to a set of lights and was met with a large group of junkies, who were shouting and swearing at me for no reason. They came so close that I thought they were going to rip me off my motorbike and so I slammed it in gear, dumped the clutch and got the hell out of there. That was the scariest moment that I've had on the motorbike so far.

    Richard Waine

    Is it Ethan's Male? or Ethan Smale?

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