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    Picking up a new car today and I honestly wasn’t expecting this one at all.. but it was fun driving the ferrari 488 Spider while I had it. It definitely made me even …


    What weren’t you expecting to happen?


    Buy a car from one of these NFL players or NBA players you can get it for hella cheap. Check out these billionaires that have cars just sitting in their garage. If they trade it in they lose hella money if they sell it to you. They can make a little more cash off of you, but you get a better deal.


    Tall guy!!! try CNC Motors in Ontario, CA if you haven't!

    Bryant Shep

    Bro you should try to review a koenigsegg agera, koenigsegg has been my favorite since 04!

    puro LEGEND

    U should do reviews on older muscle cars

    I Peraza


    gabe guerra

    lol ok ya

    Bennett Manley

    say Koenigsegg right lol


    2:09 I'm dead😂🤣, " whit-choh-staink-ehzz "

    Just for Fun

    The brother keeps talking like hes living in the Hood damn bro your talking to people at the dealerships that sell million dollar cars you cant act like a clown all that gibberish talk your making yourself look like a fool.


    The things some of these YouTubers do for views, don’t be surprised if Monday rolls around & he comes up with another story about how the deal fell through….hope he gets it tho…. 😂


    Next video with click bait “ I CANT BELIEVE IM MOVING BACK TO MINNESOTA “ 🤣🤣🤣

    3 Kenzoe


    BiG ANT

    How is everybody your guy? I understand the finesse though? Everybody ain't a good person.


    Maybach is pronounced “My-Bach” As in Johann Sebastian Bach (famous composer). You’re welcome. If you’re going to live the “LA Lifestyle” it’s best to not sound ignorant, Champ.

    Thomas Gonzalez

    Staple center


    Your way to big for that Ferrari! Lol! Me too!

    RIshaun Pringle

    Man one thing I always liked about ur videos…..u always show love to EVERYBODY…ALL THE FANS…DEALERS..MECHANICS..DEATILERS…..ALWAYS POSITIVE!

    ImaSuburban Dood

    Yo barber throwing up MS13😂😂😂


    Bro you gotta put down at least 20% bro. I've been where you trying to go. It's not hard but you gotta do it right way. Once you get started each car after that will be easy. Also I use Penfed CU and SunTrust Bank. It will work out brother. Does not look like coach is taking you serious.

    CozyBoy L

    Man they playing just get a redeye or a demon keep the muscle you paying way less and you still getting your power they wanting to much for them exotic cars

    Poppy Wilson

    Slim it’s good to have equity in real estate when trying to get a car that cost 300k

    Terry Speller

    I was just wondering what advice would you give to someone who wants to start a youtube channel


    Stop moving your head champ before you get a plug cut in ya head

    Camaro Flight

    I like the car shopping content it brings a new vibe to the channel


    you should grow your hair out again, looked nice. DONT get me wrong looks good now but just sayin ;D

    Vicente Bickel

    Cop that McLaren

    Ryan Surbrug

    Bro you have to have Athletes living in the building with staples center across the way !

    Elbert Drayton

    I think u should get a Mercedes AMG

    Dylan Gage

    Get a lifted Gwagon

    Daniel Urie

    That blue on the McLaren is 🔥🔥🔥💪

    Divine Gaming

    …..he still didn’t get the mambo????

    deedee curry

    When u happy u rich


    Tall guy whenever u get the new exotic u gotta fly our guy E out to go for a ride!! From the past videos u can tell he loves cars and that’d be dope! I know he prolly misses u man!

    Ryan Greve

    I definitely think that the channel is in need of some different content. Maybe information on the cars, what the engine is in each one, compression ratios, duty cycle, boost level, etc….it just seems like the channel is to surface and not enough depth. Stop with the shoutouts also….not everyone needs a shout out unless they have already hooked you up on a way that is progressing your channel.

    GGKINGdel –

    Mclaren joint is one of the best options


    Fake news

    Chauncey Calmese

    Much love bro you deserve everything bro keep moving forward

    kyle thompson

    that keenotseg is hot

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