Monday, March 27, 2023

I Drove GQM's Screaming ITB Miata On Track! [And Maybe The Rental Car]

Main I Drove GQM's Screaming ITB Miata On Track! [And Maybe The Rental Car]

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    This is a great example of a car on the opposite spectrum of mine, yet insanely fun in its own ways. I love it. And now for 2019 I have more seat time on track in a …

    Alice in Tankerland

    It sounds like an AE86!

    David Bartz

    how's this compare to the 2.5L NC?

    George K.

    Next time you need to bring your miata padawan (me) along!


    So… NA build coming soon? I mean, cams, mild headwork and a decent header, could actually be a somewhat cheap build? Ofc the ITB's are expensive. But I would love to see you do a nice NA build.

    Gavin Ivers

    The smile well driving says it all….

    Matt Wiser

    I guess everyone forgot that Jeremy Clarkson & Richard Hammond never used to wear helmets while driving on track. This was literally the most runoff I’ve ever seen at a track and Craig is a big boy. He can make his own decisions.

    Michael Estes

    You use the handbrake after hot laps? Rookie move, melting up those brake pads.

    Thierry Theuns

    I'm already jealous and I'm just talking about the gauge faces.

    2boys 1miata

    Do they not care if you wear helments or not in Canada? 😛

    Mixalis Stathis

    Go, Greg, Go!

    Greg Maple

    Interesting track that doesn’t require a helmet.

    David Fletcher

    The sounds from this are unbelievable. When will you join the itb turbo club?!?!?!!!


    NA build > turbo build

    Shaun Ford

    Put a methanol kit on. You'll break 200 and still be completely reliable.

    Richard Dybdahl

    You're going to owe him some new rear brake rotors.


    Noiiice Greg

    Avery Horton

    No helmet?!


    Cool where did u get the tail lights ? Thanks

    Darren Chirino

    Don’t put the E-brake up after some laps 😭😭


    ITB love ❤

    Dylan Lewis

    Goes to show that how a car makes you feel is more important than how much power it makes. His Miata is glorious.

    E REG

    Like for those seats


    super clean car and great build – looks like you were having a riot out there. keep it up!

    Bryson Shires

    Only 10 to 1? I'd expect closer to 13 with something this baller


    What seats are those?

    Because Miata

    Love it!


    Came for the ITB Miata, stayed for the 2019 Rental Camry. Miata Dad is versatile.

    Jacob Jung

    I love you, thanks for being the reason I felt comfortable enough to learn how to fix a miata. 6 months of ownership later and I've never been so in love.

    Joshua Godin

    those itbs are addicting 🤤


    This is a great video! That is a tremendous car as well!

    Henry Mancio

    Miata dad's next video "I swapped a k20 into my miata" lol

    Tim Wood

    This is amazing! More car reviews please?

    Speed Academy

    So good! Thanks again for coming all the way up to Canadia and ripping some laps with The Slip Angle bros and us. You've gotta come up for our track day meet next year, we'll find you some cool stuff to drive.

    Emil Dogaru

    Nice car but you should focus on promoting safety equipment as well. Driving a performance car on track without an airbag, stock 3p harness is the recipe for a broken neck

    Mark Mx5

    Itb’s sound sooooo good!

    ewetoob blowes

    Every time I see this car I want that instrument cluster!

    Sabura Bunuru

    How was the Camry on track?


    Aren't rental cars equipped with gps trackers?

    Sam Williams

    Basically every car he owns is just super dialed. Its insane.

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