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I Finally Bought a Jeep Gladiator, But I Stole it From Someone Else

Main I Finally Bought a Jeep Gladiator, But I Stole it From Someone Else

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    Read my column on Autotrader here: Buy Hoovie’s Garage T-Shirts here: Follow …

    Dan Stray

    Great video!


    No Nitrous. No track. Not that you would though!

    Andrew Ray

    Don't put your family in there Hoovie, they are death traps in a collision.


    Is the Gladiator a 1 star safety rating like the regular Wrangler? I want a Gladiator, but with 2019 Safety levels,.

    Leonard Daneman

    While the Jeep is 'Trail Tested,' its Info-Tainment Center is NOT. Beware of the cost of repair/replacement when broken solder connections render your electronic console into a brick.

    Tom Cartmel

    Double check the weather forecast before leaving home with the top off. Based upon the time to remove it, you'll get drenched before you get it back on.


    Admit it, you broke the guy's hand!

    SOFA King

    Now, for my next hoopty trick, I’m going to put the roof back on … by myself …


    ROOF ROOF!!!!!!! Hoovie is a dog woof woof


    Ive seen 2 in person already in 1 day


    can you get a aftermarket rag top for it so that you can keep the metal roof off


    Less rant , more review jeep

    Kion The Lion Guard

    Lol a Doug Score


    To all the Jeep fanboys, If they are so reliable and so dependable (and they aren't) why did the Austrailian Consumer thingy (ACCC) give FCA the big pineapple about how they treat there customers over the multitude of warranty claims and quality of their products Check out Destroy my for more info. Ford and GM also got the same over Quality and warranty as did vw group. Funny how none of the jap car makers had the tap on the shoulder. Facts don't care about your opinion or how reliable your mates, mates, grandfathers brothers one lasted. In NZ we build our own 4wd vehicles from Hiluxes Pajeros Safaris…….people try jeep once, spend a butload, play once, then usually tow it home on a trailer. Jeep=Just Empty Every Pocket.

    Roman Dymak

    Waiting 70 days for car? Funny, I wait 270 days for my new small SUV here in Europe 🙂

    James David Walley

    "Hoodie, do you like movies about Gladiators?"


    Your wife came out to tell you to stop swearing at the roof as you tried to take it off, didn’t she?

    Alexander Laudeman

    You want an FJ60 Toyota Land Cruiser to add to your collection? Im selling mine. I'd love to see it from time to time, and I think here would be the best place. 😉

    Thomas Hillier

    It’s a shame the seatbelt doesn’t sit properly on your shoulder…
    Btw I don’t watch DdM because his ‘Doug score’ is so boring and irrelevant. So no, don’t! ;o)

    Eppalock Engineering

    Now waiting for the 6×6

    Emcee Odessa



    Didn’t you love your tj

    vasiliy tereshchenko

    Good Luck Trying to get a Ford Raptor for 65k
    They are Selling Way Over Sticker Price.

    Ron Cathey

    Time for hellcat engine swap

    Rediscover Film

    So effing jealous. I want one in silver so bad. Though I’ll get the more civilian Overland with brown leather interior.

    British Motors

    In just 2-3 short years I will get one used at an acceptable price.

    Aizaz Rehman

    Demon swap ??

    Ryan Brooke
    Ali Alexander

    I'm from Europe. What is a pickup and why would anybody need one? 🤔🤷

    Jay Coxtable

    63K !? and less than 300hp…NOPE

    Brian Joyce

    Maybe coolest Jeep of all times. Even I want one. Never cared for Jeeps

    AR Brad

    Chrysler 3.6L V6 is super reliable, you'll have a hard time killing this one! Check out RIPP superchargers, they make and install super chargers for the 3.6L V6 if you want more oomph.

    Enter The Hunter

    Well it's also a Chrysler product which apparently they were bought out by Fiat not to mention if somebody's going to be putting a Hellcat motor in it knowing just how reliable Chrysler Transmissions are being I own Dodge pickup with an automatic I believe 42rle you should probably try to get in standard if you're going to be doing ridiculous stuff like putting a Hellcat motor in it, like your buddy.


    Straight to the glory hole


    The question is…… Will he ever take it OFF ROAD …???..?


    Good luck. I have always thought that Jeeps are perhaps the most regularly unreliable vehicles.

    Matt Evans

    Man, that is hideous. And $62k for a Wrangler with basically a big open trunk?

    David Taylor

    Not that it matters but I hope the VIN's on the "Launch Editions" are lower than what's on the lot now.
    I doubt it.

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