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I Forgot It's Not a Racecar…

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    Sometimes Racecar Cleetus just needs to dial it back to Streetcar Cleetus CLEETUS MERCH – NEXT Cleetus and Cars dates: Aug …

    Marcus Moore

    Let’s all go bum rush their shop!

    pontifi cating

    I have a pro charger and they produce garbage for low end. I wont see positive return till roughly 5000 rpm on a 7200 tac (4.6 dohc cobra).

    Gage Snow

    James with cleetus security !! 😂😂

    Aaron Verrett

    If a cam is thrown at me….is it new? can you make it a NA LS1 cam? I'll just grab it and go.


    So hows that trackhawk sounding?


    Had me rolling hahahha "I believe I can gap this guy" thanks for the laugh…


    Yall are a bunch of creepers for showing up to his shop. How do you even find that shit in the first place

    Gas man Gas man

    Who the fk he think he is John Force lollll, Look at a Richard Petty documentary
    and he says it himself. If it were not for the fans none of this would be possible.
    This is a place of business not a private home. Fame getting to your head
    a bit Cleedus ??? Give me the money for the views and give me a thumbs
    up and share with others so i get my check. But the hell with anyone interested
    in shaking my hand. Throw something at someone for just wanting to say hi lolllll.
    That is the most pathetic thing i have heard in a long time. Unsubscribed and thumbs
    down. Small town hick will always just be that.

    John Rosa

    So what I heard was, show up and get a free cam! SCORE!

    D.j. B

    The one thing that I love about you is, You use all Corvette's! LOVE IT! The essential American car of beauty, power, & speed!

    Chad Ewing

    Put Leroy engine it the bald eagle machine

    kas scutt

    Free product at the shop if you can catch incoming parts flying at your face😂🤣😂🤣

    Anthony Munn

    Sucks to be that guy.


    Awwww, no shop visits? But you know what they say, "If you can dodge a Cam, you can dodge a ball…" or something like that.

    J Dalzell

    every car is a racecar when good ole cleetur behind the wheel.

    Count Olaf

    Why the fuck would random people come to the shop? Some of ya'll are creepy af.

    drew braaah

    "I believe I can drive, I believe i will gap this guy" hahahaha brotherly love cleetus your too funny

    That Dad Life

    You know I really enjoyed watching you race this car.

    If you read this I'd like to see and I'm sure others would to is see you guys build a road racer car. Saw Jeremys video on the C6 zo6 NA build and damn that is a nice road course car. Or a miata with an old vortech 350, mustang 302, or 351 windsor. Started one with a 302 and sold it due to kids lol.


    Hell I'd fly from australia to have the privilege of james assaulting me with a camshaft

    CNNis FakeNews

    Don't feel guilt.
    That car was driven by people that do not know how to drive a manual, BEFORE you driven it, it was burned.


    Burnout contest *free entry
    When? Between 10-5 mon-fri
    Where? at the shop
    How? Smoking out the parking lot (please bring fire extinguishers)
    Why? Every participant receives a free camshaft or other parts of James’s choice.

    Curtis Wilson

    I love how the very next video in my recommended is the old video that says "MY CLUTCH IS FRIED!" 😂

    Tim Dubya

    That's what I call bedding the clutch in.

    John Doe

    Man oh Man, dude you need a clutch!

    B Martin

    Can I request that James throw a dumpster fire cam at me if I drive the 700 miles to stalk the shop?


    Don't you think it's stupid to put a cold air intake right in the engine bay where it can inhale nice hot air from around the engine???? Dumbfux!

    Paul Russell

    Cleetus! New shit idea!.

    Front: I believe I can drive
    Back: I believe I can gap this guy

    Jamie Nielson

    "Florida man beats YouTube fan to death with camshaft"
    Cleater… "I warned them"

    travis parker

    Peepthe xj at 16:55

    Jim Crow

    Did you hear that stalker's?
    Stay the FUCK away from the man's place of business

    Valentin Morales

    Cleaatus” I believe i can drive
    I believe i can gap this guy lol

    Joseph Lopez

    You need some slicks on the back ill run probably a 9.9


    Just starting the vid it's a headgasket

    dark demonic possession

    Can I stop by the shop to talk about making my car faster

    Shannon Flood

    So … "Don't come to the shop" … no problem. Won't bother to watch your video's or buy your merch either.

    Sorry … but that is a complete dick move by someone who owes their ENTIRE existence to their fans.


    need a sound board…saying damnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnit with back ground noise of the car LOL..could be a good ring tone haha

    No_scope GAMER

    That one guy at the drag strip that has no idea what he’s doing 😂😂😂

    Dino’s Shed

    Might be some dew settling down on the track later in the night causing the wheel tramp. I personally hate wheel hop/tramp, pretty sure the drive train isn’t a fan either. I’m impressed with that clutch being able to show up for another run after being smoked, nice runs for a stick

    Everett Watterson

    Am I the only one that heard and saw that lightning in the background at 4:514:58?

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