Thursday, March 23, 2023

I Got an IMPORTANT Box! Miata Updates & More

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    Short and simple video today, but I felt like posting something to hopefully get some momentum rolling on the channel again. So many things coming up!!


    I see that tmp easter egg


    which race track is that drawn on the box? @ 2:04


    I really appreciate you man, you're one of the main reasons I decided to start building my car! 😛

    Huckleberry Danger

    Where can I find the application tea.exe? I think mine got corrupted mate thanks!


    Yeah bro, I am going Getrag 260 / Getrag diff. KMiata told me to hold off as the driveshaft is going to a new design. The beast is going into long term storage until I can afford the swap >_> 500hp/425tq is too much for the 6spd lol…

    Eric Schatz

    I think we all know its Gingium he is talking about

    Jon Carter

    i want to see more drag runs with the miata <3


    K. Liked, commented, subscribed, and rang the bell. Come say hi at mrls. Catdaddys with the itbs.

    Phil Jones

    Greg, don't apologise… happens ….. so, uploads are less frequent …… but the real fans will wait …. (and wait….) ¦;¬)

    mike garbrandt

    Broke and boosted 2.0 do another one!

    Jorell f

    Miatas, if the government ever finds out how addictive they are…

    Totally Legit Gaming [TLEG]

    Boi you look like Woody from Don't Starve xD

    Jobs Jobbed

    What’s the tune you play out your vids at the end? It’s cool

    Kane Mansfield

    Btw I hope it a car passion channel + Gingium channel special👍🏼👍🏼 you two are amazing 🤣🍻

    Kane Mansfield

    Now next topic is why I haven’t got a hair cut…. because I’m paying off my fine…. (too much sick boooost). lol you’re the man Greg.


    Yo is this canyon vid ever coming out or naaah?

    Skye jar

    Liked literally just for the jack intro

    Tim Lin


    Automotive Addicts

    Greg! I totally get the process man, I'm in that process with both of my miatas! Keep the content coming man, love your videos!

    Jonathan Polimeni

    Your right needs to be on the track!!! Want to see it killing mustangs!

    Jager Racing

    Come to willow springs with us!


    The Solstice is a rare car ay ? Basedon the SLK Benz chassis as I remember…

    John Patterson

    Sure hope I get a chance to meet you at the reunion this year! I’m driving from Atlanta and didn’t get a chance when you were at MATG!


    sooooo does that mean your 3.6 R&P are for sale? 😉



    DCtropical C

    Nice haircut

    Monkey Wrenching

    Dude, I was hoping to meet ya at the reunion this year! You’re a huge reason I decided to become a Miata dad, hope you can make it! 🤘😎🤘

    Zachary Esquivel

    I’ll be there with KINOD

    M Go

    Did get the hubs? My dss axles had a 3 month turnaround. As for the vib issues, what does the kmiata trans mount look like? Is it still the one that has the bolt go through a poly puck? If so that is probably adding a ton to your vibes.

    Haibo J

    I would love to see you this year, I saw yours in person last year and loved it, picking up my set of 15×8 JBR tomorrow.

    Daniel Ibrahim

    Just FYI, YouTube ceased their 100k R35 GTR gift program. Now they give you a 2020 Supra and a free click bait title service to say ‘First Supra to something something’.

    Daniel Ibrahim

    Miata dad showing off his big shaft

    Mr Mattman

    Stock hubs?? 😟😳

    J P

    Collab with Tom's Turbo Garage?!

    Simple PPC

    Dude you can sign off on UPS packages online and have them deliver to your door even if you're not home to receive it!

    Alaska Mc

    UPS, sorry we missed you so we will be back again tomorrow when you aren't home again.

    Tom’s Turbo Garage

    Thank you for the update Greg!

    Hazard Built

    We need another local Miata meet like before.


    Kmiata guys are class. They wouldn’t sell me the adapter until they work out the vibration! Hoping to hear about the new driveshaft soon.

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