Tuesday, March 28, 2023

I GOT REAR ENDED By a Hyundai… This is Why Everybody NEEDS a Trailer Hitch

Main I GOT REAR ENDED By a Hyundai… This is Why Everybody NEEDS a Trailer Hitch

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    Kerry Barber

    That trailer hitch could single handedly defeat thanos
    Change my mind

    No Name

    And you wanted to removed the hitch lmao, it's a good thing you left it on haha

    Matt smith

    Imagine being a fan, rear ending someone… them getting out and … it’s streetspeed… damn

    Newf Ie

    just need to add a light dingle to the hitch then they cant complain u have something protruding the bumpr. it can be 4 wired to a 7 plug. jist run a hot and ground to the plug

    Aaron Crowley

    Absolutely should have called the cops there and reported it. It's not about getting that guy in trouble, it's about protecting yourself. Not reporting the accident technically makes it a hit and run. And this other guys insurance won't fix anything without a police report, so if he calls it in now to get a police report # in order to have his insurance fix his car that also makes you the hit and run. I know you're trying to be a hood guy here, but lawyers and insurance companies run this country. And if that guy had money in his pocket to just fix his car, he wouldnt be driving a Hyundai.

    Roscoe Jackson

    If you rear end anyone anywhere its it's automatically your fault in the USA so it's not just a p.a. law….


    About to install a trailer hitch on my R32 GT-R lol

    David Vodicka

    Sendit Steve should change his name to SHut It Down Steve


    Its a fucking tahoe


    If you would of had your super car I'm thinking their insurance wouldn't of covered all of the damages.


    IF you people in the us would keep your distance to the vehicle in front of you, you wouldnt have this problem..


    Shoulda said “you’d be fucked if i were in my supercar”

    Samuel Garcia

    Is this near Rockwall ?

    That tattooed gamer

    Omg his first ever car accident 😂

    Garrett McCord

    Hook a chain to a tree and your hitch tug on it lol. It should work and spray some penetrating oil on it the night before.

    Chase Christenson

    I love how Steve is always smiley and seems so happy 😂

    Tanner Parrish

    I was all hyped to watch the v10 go through that thick mud


    Mike you sounded like a pissed off dad gettin hit by a high school kid 😂😂😂😂 happy youre all ok though

    Daniel Gonzalez

    12:00 “lots of fun in the blazer like always” bro what are you talking about? You’ve had the car for a day

    1994 AA

    That Sierra needs all terrains

    Michael Ferguson

    Mikes reaction to getting hit is why northern states get a shitty reputation for being dicks. The guy made a stupid mistake, instead of asking if he’s okay mike says “what the hell are ya doing”

    Michael B

    Steve's truck sounds like a farting lawnmower


    Anyone else think Steve’s car sounds like a lawn mower?

    Straight Piped 99

    2:59 i know what your here for

    steve duran

    Visit this place in your dirtymax and bring that ford along for the ride

    Cooper Kieran

    If u was in the dirty max he would of went straight under you and would of done more damage to his car

    Zero Mutt

    Best reason to get a truck is because when u get read ended all you need is a 5 min detail

    Jay Gill

    Hey steve you got some mud on your flap!!! No wonder you are stuck

    Boosted Billy

    A I’ll surprise you don’t have a neck brace on haha

    Logan Ritter

    Nice edit to the thumbnail. Totally looked that messed up

    Chris Frank

    Kinda miss the 720 uploads


    Steve is a tool lol

    JimsJams Smithy

    wtf? why was I unsubbed?


    steve has got to stop vlogging while mike is. he’s like the only one i notice doing it constantly. awkward

    Chris Frank

    Thank god it was not the 720

    Phil McKrakin

    Calm down, Mike.

    Chris Staples

    haven't seen the video but guarantee its not your first time of you being rear ended stop blowing your money on coke

    Goddard Gaming

    I like how the thumbnail and the video are so different. Good try mike

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