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I Got Stuck in This Car for Hours

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    I Got Stuck in This Car, DIY and car repair with auto mechanic with Scotty Kilmer. Trapped in car. How to fix broken door handle. Door handle not working and …

    Scotty Kilmer

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    On my corolla 98 i can just remove the inside handle and replace it with new. No need to disassemble whole door.

    Stephen Harriau

    I’ll send you the clip tool Scotty.

    Manual Truck Man

    I seen a corolla that had shoe laces hanging out all four doors. All the outter handles were broke on it. Like pulling a rip cord to get in.


    It looks like we were really sweating on that one. Must be hot and muggy there. I went from the People's Republik of Kalifornia to Austin in October once and It absolutely sucked sweaty balls the whole time I was there. It rained cats and dogs for 5 minutes at 4PM every damn day and the roads were literally steaming afterwards.


    Scotty my 92 Camry the door would not open from either the inside or outside . Toyota wanted $1200 to cut the door off the car . I used use a crowbarTo spread the door with the window down to get a hanger inside and unlock it .,what it was was a small spring in the lock mechanism had broken and I went to Home Depot and bought a little spring and made my own and was able to fix it for a couple dollars


    You should've changed the speaker, greased the metal parts, added sound proofing, added auto window machine….or for fucks sake, change this car.

    Jim F

    Wash the door panel while it's off

    Chris Loucks

    Scotty what do you think about using 85 octane if you live at high altitude if the owners manual calls for 87?

    Dale Pritchard

    Crappie cheap plastic interior parts on today's cars. Good video however.


    I know a really simple and very easy way to get that clip out from behind the window crank. No tools needed. Grab a rag with both hands by it's corners. Slide it in behind the crank and pull in the opposite direction. If you don't get it on the first try wiggle the rag back and forth just a little while you pull. works every time just watch out for flying clips.

    Ken W.

    That roll of tape Scotty is holding is "THE MOTHER OF ALL DUCK TAPE" It's made by Gorilla. I have a roll and let me tell you there is no better tape than the roll Scotty is holding !!!!

    Sergeant Gunny Gaming

    I just pulled the broken handles out of my Camry and pulled the rod to open the door.

    Ken W.

    Scotty I love watching your videos! They are very informative! There's only one video out of all of them that I disagree with and that was the one about the adapter you plug into the ACC cigar outlet to run cell phones. Those adapters don't cause problems with the cars electronics. A word about popping those door panels off. A claw hammer works great for that job. .


    I hate removing any interior panels, something always breaks.

    Clint Young


    Flying Turtle

    Play 1:28 over and over for a good time


    How about a car door that doesn't open from the inside or outside?

    Jose Augusto

    Like, of the BRASIL.

    Seth K Johnson

    This is great. My dad showed me how to do that when I was younger but for other people

    Spot On!!


    One of the only times when having automatic windows makes servicing easier.

    Digi Wrench

    A easier way to take off that window arm clip is slide a thin cloth like a shirt/rag back and forth pulling up with both ends one side at a time till it pulls the clip out. if it isnt catching rotate the handle and try the other side.

    Real Chip

    Those window crank clips are a lot easier to remove with a rag. Use 2 hands on either side of the rag pull up around the crank, pin pops out.


    Don't leave your Scotty Kilmers in the car on a hot day!

    Steve Lars

    I drive a 2014 Chevy Silverado 1500, I have heard a LOT of bad things about the transmissions I'm sitting at 119,456 miles and going up, what are your professional thoughts good sir?
    Thank you so much and God bless! Ps. I watch your content everyday before work gives me a good chuckle of ambition.

    Leroy Rodriquez

    "The stupid thing"


    Door panel parts flying everywhere take cover 🤣 good job scotty !! 👍👍😎 keep up the good work and keep working and stay young !


    Good luck when your clips and door panel are totally different


    Well that’s what you get for being a horrible car YouTuber

    Rogelio Hernandez

    Thank you scotty!


    How many cars sold in the US today have crank windows?

    Mick Jager

    Just roll down window and use outside handle!

    Royal Caymanian

    Uff reminds me of my first car, had to take the panels off a few times!


    There was actually was a man that died from heat exposure when he got stuck inside a corvette that had "electric" release push button inner door handles ,, one of his battery terminals was loose when he slammed the door closed the loose connection opened up and trapped him inside the car which also had power windows.

    Daniel Macias

    What about a car door that doesn't open either side. Current situation for me 🙁

    Chi Ma

    If you use a piece of string and use a sawing motion behind the window crank the circlip pops right out.

    John Anderson

    My name is Scotty and I am retired so I don't need any customers anymore, so I am going to show you how to fix your car yourself.

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