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    So I finally decided it was time to change out the transmission and it turns out that’s not the problem… Big shoutout to Chris and the crew from Denver Beer and …

    Anthony Scott

    Junkyard Dave told you 4 or 5 days ago it was a pilot bearing

    Cyprus James

    dave might of said so…

    Tofu The eclipse



    Odds Ruddy never used a clutch alignment tool?


    If u dont want ur car wanna give it to me

    Michael Beals

    Get a jz bro just stop playing


    Put the camera down and help out you shit bag.


    It's the damn clutch or master or something


    Disable CAGS


    im guessing clutch not releasing properly. for some reason that is. prolly need to shim the slave.

    Edwin Diaz

    Presser plate might be clapped from all those clutch kicks

    //Hard R//

    0:18 am I the only one who thought that was Orion

    Chewys Restoration

    This is the first video of yours that didnt show up on my feed wtf

    BIG E

    Does anyone remember when ruddy bought his ex a car and she never drove it 😬

    Joseph Guzman

    Drink a bang bro let’s see your reaction!


    I wouldn't trust that quick disconnect, bleed your clutch. If it's not that i'm guessing clutch or pilot bearing/bushing issue. I had a pilot bearing go bad once and it's like the same crap, can't shift.


    Those guys have an unusual amount of energy that late at night lol

    Matthew Mills

    What a fawkin junker dude

    ricers are friends not food

    Literally my least favorite part about tranny swaps I filled up a shirt pocket halfway one day before I noticed it was running down my shirt

    James Wallace

    Pressure plate bolts check them had a buddy’s back out by them selves

    yousef dashak
    Hector Hernandez

    What motor do you have in your drift car bro

    James Daly

    Throw out bearing?


    Try shoving the clutch to the floor hard and shifting my truck does the same exact thing

    L0N3 D4NGER

    You and Trev need to make more content


    I've learned the hard way to always measure everything's good. Whatever was it the clutch (does the pressure plate release the clutch disc, does the slave cylinder have enough travel etc.) or anything else.. when the parts are modified or replaced with different parts.
    Same thing with engines. One of the best ways to avoid stupid problems.

    Good example:
    5 times taking the transmission out, clutch, some checks/modifications and assembly+clutch bleeding before I gave up and had my transmission and clutch, flywheel.. parts laying on my garage.
    Took a break, and later noticed the clutch disc had worn unevenly causing all the problems.
    Tho had two(!) leaking clutch slave cylinders at first. The first had been used and started leaking at some point, second was a new "LPR" branded slave cylinder and didn't hold fluid at all.. bad seal.
    Third slave cylinder was fine and still in use.

    My garage is too small for a car, so I do all my work on my driveway. Was good practise lifting that ~28kg ZF gearbox a few times under the car, and it took about an hour to drop the gearbox, do something for the clutch and assemble ready for testing.

    Corvette transmission has the slave cylinder integrated to clutch throw out bearing?
    That's a bit more difficult to check without dropping the transmission.
    The bearing distance to pressure plate is easy to check, when you take out the transmission.

    I've seen one throw out bearing/slave cylinder -thing started leaking (through the seal) after pulling transmission out.. was a Toyota Corolla or Avensis – don't remember anymore which one.
    Glad it wasn't my job, and the mechanic working on it noticed before installing the transmission.
    Usually they are quite reliable and hold for very long time.

    andrew carruthers

    Trevor is a next level of tired dude!


    If you didn't swap the gto shift off set lever into that trans, the thing you're calling a cup and that you drilled on for hours, it will not shift. F Body offset levers go with f body shifters and gto offset levers go with GTO style or sikky shifter relocate style shifters.


    Pilot bearing has nothing to do with shifting

    Brendan Little

    Whens the merch gonna be in stock!?😂

    Emery Kohn


    willem benson

    I’d say adjust your clutch but if the car is off you should be able to hit every gear

    Dylan Espinal

    dude that sucks

    Luis Covarrubias

    Have y’all tried the coco berry Red Bull?

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