Thursday, March 23, 2023

I HAVE 3 NEUTRALS! RIP to the Blazer…The Abuse Finally Caught up to me :(

Main I HAVE 3 NEUTRALS! RIP to the Blazer…The Abuse Finally Caught up to me :(

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    The 2019 GRAND SPORT GIVEAWAY IS LIVE!!! Go to or click the link! Every $5 spent is an entry! Good luck! Thanks to Lakey …

    Street Speed 717

    Since nobody really gives a shit about the McLaren anyway should I go 720S Spider or maybe my 600LT? I'm feeling like I wanna change things up!


    This kids a moron, that wasn't offloading it was playing in water like a retard

    daap gaming

    Had same issue with an bighorn flushed the trans new filter and it was ok

    Country Built Life

    "wear your seatbelt kids" Kid? I`m older then you. lmao

    John Doe

    Change the rear end fluid. Might as well do the transfer case and tranny.


    carpets? we dont need no stinking carpets

    Garforce II

    I think the Blazer just had a bit of wet electronics

    Jason Harlow

    You’re going to have to fix the drivers seat now that there is no rear seat to hold it from flopping back

    That03 Z71

    Get a 07 trailblazer and slowly convert it into a trailblazer ss

    That03 Z71

    Please don’t get a bronco


    CUT THE TOP OFF OF THE BLAZER…….. with your fav sawzaw……….then install a roll cage…..f……bitchin…………….as in what was it POINT BREAK surfer dudes keanu reeves movie…..

    D Maher

    Honestly mike you got wight reductionists from taking it out


    Love the videos, the trucks, and the happy vibe you give off. Keep up the good work man!


    I'm a fan of your videos,
    I have gone thru many different 4L60E transmissions they dont hold up well. Trans heated up burned up the bands you'll be shocked now but yea like everyone let's you know itll fail soon. Good luck keep up the vids.

    Ehideriel Melendez

    Mike could you guys make the red white and blue american flag keytag with a black border and a black hardwear ?


    Ok fuck you mike I live in Kansas. 😂 😂🤣 jk Kansas sucks ass.

    garrett vanarsdale

    What's wrong with Kansas we have tornados every week lol

    Jonny BigRig T800

    Do an audio book so I can listen at work! 🙂

    Bobby Gamblin

    That’s the good ole 4l60e for ya

    abdul alhumaidan

    Does it annoys any of you that he has his seat belt folded 😡

    James Lawhorn

    Do a fluid and filter change on the transmission

    Michael Bacon

    The mold would not be good for the Bulls in the Blazer. Re do the whole interior and waterproof the electronics.

    Mathew Smalley

    It because it a Chevy

    Firstname Lastname is allowed

    Definitely need to check the fluid in that trans! I'm assuming that was the first thing that you would do? Drop the pan and put in a new filter kit and fluid and it will be all better! Water and heat clogged up the filter and makes it not able to flow right and u had it under water so it has water in it for sure!!!

    Michael Bacon

    The Bronco you posted is sweet as hell. I love the older SUVs that have removable tops. You should totally get the Bronco and restore it and make it a really nice truck inside and out. Would be way cool to watch that build series.

    Darshan Moodley

    It’s your transmission oil bro. Maybe some water got into the trans, and oil pressure in the trans may have dropped, stopping it from going into the next gear.

    Bob Johnson

    Roll your fucking windows down my grandpa doesn't even do that

    william robitaille

    You said you "didn't need the hitch pin anymore". Silly! Now you need it more than ever!! LOL :<)

    Michael Bacon

    When you take the carpet out you should do some sort of rubber lining on the floor to prevent any further water/mold damaging anything and you should totally seal it up and seal up all the electronics.

    r plourde

    My 92 blazer has the last year of 700r4 . You have a 4l60 witch is the same except it is shifted electronically . I bet your shift selinoides got wet.


    leave it bare metal and put some rubber mats in it

    Corbin Jones

    You really should just bed line the floors AND put in floor drains

    Trev’s tLog

    Boys can we get an F in the chat for Steve and his truck

    David Burgos

    You talk to much get to the action

    Gerardo Carbajal

    Stick shift swap the blazer!!!!

    Bryan McGuire

    Everything was just wet in the sensor

    Benjamin Grieveson

    Service the trans you probally got water in the vent tube… And toss some lucas trans fux in it

    nebraska corn fed

    I have the exact pair of Nike Air Max's your wearing! Got them in Green to clean pair of kicks

    Billy BGee’s

    my F* g Theory is dont fucking boating.;) incase u want bought a speed717boat. there we go… engine and tranny don't run on water but red fluid their blood…

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