Wednesday, March 29, 2023

I Let My Friend Borrow My Truck… and now it's WRECKED. *RIP OBS Chevy*

Main I Let My Friend Borrow My Truck… and now it's WRECKED. *RIP OBS Chevy*

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    Street Speed 717

    Thankfully he was okay! A few more inches to the right and he might have been seriously hurt. He felt terrible it happened, and I felt terrible that I gave him a truck with horrible brakes lol

    Moto Will

    Welp fucking send it into a crew cab square body Chev🤣🤣

    Moto Will

    Poor gmt400

    Wot2014 3333

    It shall not die

    Ethan Wright

    Thanks for telling thousands of people it’s extremely easy to break into our trucks

    Luke Robbins

    It was probably leaking blinker fluid lol

    Corey Black

    New build for Tavarish? lol

    Eny Respect

    Promoting weapons in 2019 🤦🏽‍♂️

    James Cook Jr.

    It looks likeThe suspension looks bent as well 🤔

    Sidney McBride

    Yay now he has to post truck stuff

    Miles Holtz

    Mike trying to race steve!😂😂

    Miles Holtz

    Very sorry but would u get another obs?

    Mitchell H

    Am I the only one who noticed the thumbnail is photoshopped to show damage on the box… but no damage to it in both his videos and also on Steve's😂 I'm sure you telling us one of the vehicles were in a wreck would get you enough views but hey. Still love the videos and glad to see you give the truck to Steve.

    Jeff Jankiewicz

    Boo hoo…how many cars do you own? I own one..a `91 Silverado with 300,000 miles on it and cannot afford to replace or repair it cause family ALWAYS comes first. But glad your buddy is ok.

    Douglas Allen

    nothing that bad keep the build don't give up im sure it was leaking power steering fluid

    Jake Daltorio

    Mike have you tried turning the tuck off and back on again, usually that’s the issue with trucks like these


    Glad everyone’s ok!

    Evan Hlavaty

    Fucking Steve cracking me up, “oh boy now it’s a mess…” 😂😂

    Maurice Conger

    RIP OBS but it was time… to send it to steve lol

    You Nottube

    Man I'd love to have the dash out of that truck I need one mine is a 94 and it is the same color inside and out it's cracked

    praytothelow GTR

    When ur barber wrecks ur truck…


    did you check the brakes later i bet you the brakes were not that bad he was probably hot dogging the truck and lost control


    Anyone else see the trailer tires, bald af lol.


    BTW , it says Timbaland NOT Timberlake on the radio display. One Republic and Timbaland collaborated on the song "Apologize"


    I give you big ups for not being upset Mike and thanks for complementing that 356.


    thumbs up just for that really is a bummer but good on you mike that you have such a good out look and good friends like steve to come help you. good luck to you man and look out shit happens in 3 knock on wood


    That’s why you don’t let people borrow your shit

    OBS Nation

    😔 that poor OBS

    Bryce Van Note

    Build an s10 or Sonoma!!!!

    Julian 7160

    Why give it to Steve when the other guy wanted it first and could probably actually use it where Steve have 1500 projects

    Obs or No bs

    It good that kid is ok and I would say if you’re planning on towing a lot of cars and like open trailers go check out load trail trailers there American made and are really cool and are you getting a obs truck again to replace that one or no ?

    Tyler Faix

    When I got the call I would have been like damn that sucks… let me know when you’ll have it back to my house

    Matt Heslip

    Really, brakes go out when you let a friend borrow a vehicle…bad on your part and to think my wife and daughter are on the same roads with idiots like this!!!! Unreal..

    Caleb Bailey

    Steve's trailer is sketchy af 🤘 lol but he comes to Mike's aid which is a true friend!

    Hunter, Austin & Mason’s Mommy

    Gotta see it in Steve’s fleet n definitely just give him the wheels n tires. They’re trail masters. N probably procomp tires

    Jose Hinojosa

    Frame its bent

    John Marston

    If you ever buy a used truck always check the breaks lines because you never know what would happen


    My kenwood does the same thing … 🤣 not to mention I havent update my ipod in 2006.. 🤣🤣

    Keller Snodgrass

    Steve needs new tires on that trailer really bad

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