Monday, March 20, 2023

I totaled my drift car…

Main I totaled my drift car…

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    GET YOUR POSTERS HERE! Almost all gone! Wanna follow me? @RicerMiata.

    Jon Smith

    Lol Trevor cameo at the end

    Loggy S

    i'm confused….. wheres the totaled car


    Fugggin up directions mike 😂😂


    The coolest YouTuber glad you not like em show off you tuber without the fan they be nothing but you special my bro, keep up the good work bro

    T0K3N SM0K3

    great video man, been subbed to you for a long time but ive never actually followed your stuff.. but i will now!

    ben lowney


    Tommy Hogye

    You now have “e36 trunk”



    Tyler Lukse

    How tf are you gonna hit the wall and not show it at full speed? Immediately went to slow mo…

    Jason Rosas

    Hey guys "brisk mudlick" here

    David Fletcher

    Man watching your first runs thought you where gonna hit the wall.


    Glad your ok. Sorry that happed but it made for a good video and some laughs. Epic dude. Stoked for the next vid

    Corn on-the-cob

    Track car ☑️ Drift car ☑️ Drag car ❌

    Jared Stiefel

    Really would’ve love to hear Taylor Rays reaction to the crash honestly think it would’ve been hilarious


    720p = junk

    NorOnt Boyz

    LOL, Rudnick: Manhandling the wheel and e-brake to drift
    Grant: Shuffling the wheel and lightly tugging the e-brake, lookin like an old lady going to the grocery store.


    filming the street signs at his house like a true scum bag 🙄

    James Daly

    Rudnik: goes drifting
    Also rudnik: bitches and moans about price if tires.
    Anybody else think ruddy needs start using his brain just a lil bit


    wow you are super short lol


    That was a well deserved like!

    Ndub Golfer

    "I want to close on your mouth."


    Get a buzz cut

    Veronica Bellerose

    "Can you open your mouth? I want to close in your mouth." – Rudnik
    (Huh, GAY!)

    Blaznmax 88

    Toe in rear

    WIlliam Fitzallen

    You should keep it

    Shift Logics

    Hey man I plan to start up a channel once summer comes around , I purchased a go pro and stuff but what editing software should I use ? What do you use ? It’s such good editing .

    SidewayZ Garage

    19:29 temp gauge is pinned out while he is just talking to camera

    darin rueppel

    Dude out of everybody drifting that day( I watched everyone’s videos) even though you crashed you still ripped way harder then anybody else for sure!


    Sell the POS

    Jonas André Pettersen

    Chris Vs. Onion drift contest needs to happen.


    Courtney is throwing a party right now cuz you have to keep the car and you know what? So am I. Yaaayyyy! lol

    Justin Sapp

    This car would be twice as good with a proper alignment.

    Lars Haviland

    Do the bumper quick release tabs for the trunk then it won't look half bad and be drift missile spec.


    You're the man ruddy

    That Boosted_ Miata

    Should of got that 240 an turned it into a missile

    Ben Dempster

    lol 7ft5 Grant looks like hes driving his grandmas drift car

    Jacob Villines

    Should've sold it before you sent it. lol.

    JJ LaFame

    Your wheel probably shaking cause you never fixed the tire hitting the inside of the wheel well.

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