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    MadeInUSA Reviews

    Yellow or pink will be the color, ehhhhh do blue bro.. do blue

    Dustin Denemark

    Im in Love with Courtney !!

    William Gates

    Everytime you said bunghole I almost shat

    Vicious Ballz

    Paint prep is by far the worst part of painting. The best part is when you get done so you can hit your pen…

    Vicious Ballz

    Double shot Espresso (No X) is the best drink you can get tbh. But, Starbucks has shitty espresso. Go somewhere that serves Italian style coffee. Shit's way better yo.


    The sponsor spot was very non-invasive and well done. Nice job dude

    Andrea Schofield

    Im thinking the ls 400 is going to be yellow with a taxi light on top lol…

    Andrew Servin

    Just put clear coat on the hooood!

    Tim Otheus

    The cops ain't showing up in minutes for a burglar alarm

    Mike Greville

    You need to marry that girl

    Curtis Sawyer

    Can Courtney please give us some book reviews? I wanna get into reading 😂


    Im guessing LS is going to be YELLOW

    juan sanchez

    He’s painting it mint , watch 😂😂😂😂

    Dustin Garley

    Ls400 is gonna pink with black checkers🤨

    JR Drives

    Taxi yellow or haggard mint for the ls400 color

    jesse Anthony

    I miss whenever he lived in Connecticut and made videos with will and rode groms

    Cooper Atteberry

    Pink with black stripes


    Definitely yellow

    Blaznmax 88

    Can't wait to hit that pen?

    Blaznmax 88

    Wtf is Tommy the painter preparing something with all that water

    Blaznmax 88

    Do you gave it away with the word taxi

    Shator Peshikj

    shave that creepy extended hitlerstache

    Zotic Scroll

    Don’t do some bullshit yellow taxi cab color

    Connor K

    she needs a mask for sanding

Viewing 25 posts - 1 through 25 (of 25 total)
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