Saturday, March 25, 2023

I Went Too Far This Time… My $1,500 CAN FREAKING FLY!!! (MISTAKES WERE MADE)

Main I Went Too Far This Time… My $1,500 CAN FREAKING FLY!!! (MISTAKES WERE MADE)

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    Check out Armored Lighting this thing is insane! The 2019 GRAND SPORT GIVEAWAY IS LIVE!!! Go to …

    Danny Hampton

    Mike put it on top of a building then demo the building lol.

    Rides with Ziptie

    Keep the dukes of hazard entrance for the blazer

    sky ryder

    not the best my friend, you got yourself a Chevy 🙂


    We’re u a firefighter?


    Be awesome if you'd make it nice again lol and fix all the damage and make it a nice crawler.

    Andrew Smith

    The reason it’s still running is because it’s a Chevy baby


    When he landed the first time it dented the bumper on impact watch closely.

    Rc Daily

    Love the intro!

    Jay DKB

    Lol funny opening

    scott moore

    Personally I’d put a cage in it just in case blazers don’t have very good rollover rating.

    Prisclla Krattli

    You need to make the blazer a prerunner

    Juan Rosas

    What if you put a eBay turbo on the Blazer.


    The front end is going to fall out soon

    Logan Labo

    Hey at least you got a free wide body 😂😂

    Dhruv Pahwa

    That intro was sick, the blazer is unbelievably reliable and truly is amazing. Next u jump the dmax.
    Honestly the only thing harmed in this video is raptor sales


    Your genders are fucked


    I jumped my 1998 Silverado once, it was about 5 ft and it was fine


    anyone else notice that mike has a monkey laugh? nice hopps tho chevy boy

    Wes G

    Goddamn I miss reruns of Dukes of Hazzard

    EAST SIDE313

    U need to check the torsion bar mount, like where the keys r, they have a tendency to rip off in cases like this lol seen rusty ones ready to rip off without jumping them lol

    Chanse Ormon

    If I had a truck I’d put a train horn on the damn thing

    Mark Mayer

    Hey Mike the shift indicator is not lighting up because you probably crushed the PRNDL switch and if not replaced you will blow that 4l60e trans to pieces!! Lol If you have noticed that it may not have loc up anymore and it might even shift harder than usual. Just trying to look out for you brother. Love the vlogs keep them coming. P.S. when is grandpa coming home I cannot wait to see how fast it is.

    Jay Vandrew

    I thought you were going to say like 1 foot of air but. 3/5 feet ?

    Rickster K

    Camo wrap cuz it’s a tank

    Brandon Richards

    Drive over logs!! Take it on an actual trail and go REAL offroading

    Kaden benji M

    Put some different taillights on the blazer please love the videos.

    Upshift Z71

    Super Mario Bros.

    Uknown jr

    Take the blazer through a tank pit

    lazy_gamer _plays

    Love the ballsack sign in the back grown lmao

    Ira Mercer

    I would of liked to hear the tow truck call…. Hi, I plan on breaking my truck

    Kyle Strangarity

    717 area code? Near Lebanon?

    Enrique Marin

    Love the content !


    a big lift cit for cheap and upgrade the shocks

    Jerry Williamson

    The mud is what holds everything together and I'm really surprised that there's no gouges missing out of his tires from the fenders

    CadeStoker 4

    Get a $500 truck like so he sees


    Next: Drifting the Blazer!

    Jaylockz 85

    The fenders are fucked

    Myth Turtle

    Lmao that intro was great

    Terry Davidson

    R.I.P fender

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