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I Wouldn’t Even Pay $1 for These Cars

Main I Wouldn’t Even Pay $1 for These Cars

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    The Worst Cars Ever Made, DIY and car review with auto mechanic Scotty Kilmer. Bad cars to stay away from. Never buy these 5 cars. What’s the worst car to …

    Scotty Kilmer

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    PapiSantoes S

    Worst cars: all of them besides Toyota and Honda

    Ar stef

    Why is there a toyota Yaris in the thumbnail?????…they are reliable!


    I own both a 2001 toyota echo on original clutch (250000) miles and a 2016 VW GTI MK7 2 door! I drive the echo more! I just trust the echo and it gets awesome milage and you can whip it around. It is slow AF but everything on the echo is GREAT!

    springer 11724

    Yea Scotty! Tesla gets honorable mention as "stinker of the future"!!!


    I also own an 2001 toyota echo (250000) miles and the original clutch! This car is in better cosmetic shape then most 2010++ domestics in minnesota. It has less rust and keeps on running. Scotty is dumb on this one….


    I still would like to turn a Gremlin or Vega into something good, though. Or like a Chevy Monza if any didn't corrode away by now. 🙂

    Frank STEIN


    kevin james

    Datsun B 210? Floorboards always rust through.


    Hey Scotty I will sell you an amc gremlin for 97 cents


    Hahah, I still see a lady driving her Catera around my town

    kevin james

    I'd have thought the Pinto would have beat out the Gremlin. At least the Gremlin didn't explode when you got rear-ended!

    Kia The best

    No the echo sold great in the us where did you get your information

    dominick fiorenza

    just watched ur back in the day video,ur boat was seen easly, now well i just seen the end of the boat under the weeds ,lol, we all love scotty here in pa. ur the best scooty keep making

    David B.

    What about the GM X Cars? They too were Horrible. Remember all the Brake systems locking up? Ugh!!

    Clee Torres

    R u sure she just blew the engine?

    Walter Appling

    Ford Pinto

    Mike Anderson

    Rev up your Mustang II !!!!

    Mike Anderson

    Rev up Your Exploding Pinto!!!!

    Mike Anderson

    Rev up your Smoking VEGA!!!

    Olof 347

    My toyota is fantastic 🙁

    Rhob C

    I love my 2013 Yaris!

    Mick Z

    Bit worried about that doorway beam in your garage Scotty.

    Michael Horn

    I would have to swap the Eagle Premier in for the Toyota Echo on this list.

    Sarah Webster

    Really?? Well Cadillac must of ruined it because in Europe the Vauxhall/Opel Omega was a great car!!! Very reliable and very popular! and the Aussie version was even better! 6.0 Chevy V8 as standard!!!

    Brian Finn

    No matter the question people the answer is always a 1994 Toyota Celica.


    The Cosworth Vega was the only Vega worth a damn – but that’s because Cosworth was hired to fix and improve the engine in those.

    D. 4Tay

    An analogy: If Jesus had come to Earth in the form of an automobile; he might have chosen the ECHO. "He had no beauty or majesty to attract us to him, nothing in his appearance that we should desire him." Most ECHOS I see today, seem to have been abused, slapped around, spat upon, scourged, beaten, falsely accused, crucified, and pierced, but at 300,000 plus miles they just keep giving, and going, and going. Everlasting life. Somethings are not understood, or appreciated until they are gone.


    Cant speak for the US as i live in Ireland but here you see lots of Toyota Yaris on the road, we had one in my family for 10 years and to say it was reliable is an understatement. This little Toyota was a 2004 model that never got any maintenance or love but yet never failed to start or to do its job until after 10 years the water pump failed which resulted in the engine boiling to death. Great little cars in my opinion, theirs a reason you see so many on the road here, so much more reliable than the equivalent offerings from other manufactures like VW or Renault.

    6 6

    My friend in high school bought a vega from a friend for $1. When the engine blew up a year later he took his $300 alpine stereo out and walked home.


    Ford Pinto should of been on that list,it was a death trap.

    Spazz 5697

    the 1st gen echo/yaris is/was very popular here in the UK.with a bit of research you ll find out its considered the most cheap reliable car you could get in the UK. yeah, sure the handling is crap, but for the engine size they were rather willing engines.

    great runaround cars you can rely on with great MPG for its time, great headroom and cargo space!


    Gremlins and Vegas were good cars the stock 232 inline six in the Gremlin was a bullet proof engine ,with v-8 engine swap, the Vega and Gremlin made great street or drag cars ,Scotty opinions are like assholes everyone has one and they all stink.

    Dale Thomas

    When the Echo first came out I thought. “what an ugly little car”. Then my cousin took me for a drive in his, he said you won’t believe the room in side. He’s around 6 foot and I’m 6 foot 3 and we had lots of head and shoulder room. The car rode great, over the years I’ve owned 3 and loved every one. I was getting around 43mpg. highway and couldn’t beat reliability, and they handled great. The only reason I sold them is because I work overseas and when I came back home I would look up another used one and get it.

    David Cox

    Rev up your $1 cars


    Is 94 Toyota Celica on the list? Is Skoda, Lada, and Pacer on the list too?

    S Tea

    Would not pay 1$ but you paid 1,000$!!!! Got caught

    Les Motley

    Bought a 2000 1.3L echo manual 5 speed. 19 years old now. Most reliable, economical fun little car for city driving. Small enough to park anywhere and fast enough for city driving. I am certain that we won't be as lucky again when it comes to reliability and dependability from a small car so we won't be replacing it anytime soon.


    im glad i bought a ford pinto…
    how come my petrol tank catches fire?

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