Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Ice Block Tail Light Mod on My Saab 9-3 Arc!

Main Ice Block Tail Light Mod on My Saab 9-3 Arc!

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    Cardboard Sliver

    I wanna replace my bricks with ice blocks.

    K. Gordon Raphael



    Being that it is so hot in the valley what do you think about a cruise up to Prescott Valley and then maybe a road trip up to Jerome for some pictures and some good food at the Haunted Hamburger?

    Ambient Shine

    Awsome! Have you seen when they putt front and rear aero bumper from 08 on an 03! Looks amazing!

    EΓ³in MacLean

    Sometimes even hot cars need to chill…with ice ;). I’m totally with you! Great mod!

    Darth Volvo

    Looks clean. Now that paint could use some love.

    Andrew K. NI

    Always like the original lights but the new ones look great, especially with the dark paint.

    The Raze

    Looks way better.

    J Nilsson-Acosta

    I prefer neither!
    Ice block nor solid red

    I have Aero lights on my 2007 Aero CV : )
    Clear above and red below

    Just how many versions of the NG tail lights are there?


    Looks better than the red πŸ’ͺπŸ™‚

    Ignas Jankus

    Next video "Polishing my saab 93 headlights" 😁


    Sexxxy lil car


    I have seen the red tail lights but with modified black lines around them just like the ice blocks, they looked a lot better.

    Andrew Pickard

    Iceblocks for life

    J Pogera

    ice ice baby

    tj laven

    Dang it, wish I hadn't seen this video! The ice blocks look so much better than the old style – I'm not satisfied with my old ones now.


    I would prefer ice if the lights were LED ☺️

    BlackBird SWEswe

    Do a ice block conversion on the turbo x plzzzz

    Mister Sean

    Why dont you buy an Saab 900 og? Would be awesome to see!

    Joshua Beal

    Where do you get them from?

    Peter Anderson

    Are the trunk lid brake lights wired up to be brake or taillights? My right side is wired as a rear fog light.

    Ryan Shadow

    Ice blocks all the way

    Derek Chabros

    the iced look is definitely better πŸ‘


    Naw, not going to go to your store just now, because…….. I just received my OG AutoA shirt! Well done….. nice quality printing. I voted [RED] but I actually had a completely different idea for them. Send me the red ones, let me customize them and send 'em back….. it's my specialty! I won't talk down on the clears, though…… don't want to piss all over your mirth, and I like them on the TurboX.


    I don’t know something about ice blocks that make a silver/black or any dark color car looks really nice not so much on lighter colors in my opinion they are defiantly a great OEM upgrade


    Ice Blocks FTW!

    Aaron Austrie

    I rather the original

    Jim Bob

    They look so nice. I recently put ice blocks on my lime yellow very and it made it look sooooo much better


    1:06 just water or some leaks from "og"?


    Maybe try red ones on turbo x. πŸ˜‰

    Sebastian Pavlov



    2nd πŸ€£πŸ‘ŒπŸ»

Viewing 33 posts - 1 through 33 (of 33 total)
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