Saturday, March 25, 2023

Illiminate Bottle Cap Challenge!

Main Illiminate Bottle Cap Challenge!

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    The illiminate crew try the bottle cap challenge! We also got to host a meet and race/drift at K1 Speed! Hope you guys enjoy today video! Don’t forget to hit the …

    you smell like coochie

    Happy birthday

    johnskiez 2767

    where the weakfeast vlog bro


    Waited all week for a R32 drift video to be 👎🏻

    Kevin Le

    shoulda slipper slapped it

    aurelio torres

    Sonnys merch is better than Randy’s so he should chill

    Alfredo Hernandez

    Bro I waa watching it in the livingroom with my fam and they seen a full moon and it wasn't outside 😂😂😂


    Randy about to get them cheeks clapped fool. 😏

    Devin Andaya

    6:22 randy on his phone hitting up girls

    XI_youngpinvch YT

    I think at 9:07 he said penis face but in Vietnamese

    Jonathan Amaya

    Who owns that white car?

    MiKe K19

    Yo fellow JDM enthusiasts would you guys please check out a video of a friend of mine he does videography and did a shoot on 10 honda civic sedans (ek4) including mine. would really appreciate if anyone checks the video out. And it will be a little taste of the honda scene in south africa

    Chance Lee

    K1: You can film.
    Illiminate: Hell Yeah.
    K1: No gay shit
    Illiminate: Damnit

    iosif katexos

    Happy birthday

    marcos zepeda

    Tomes inner ninja come out


    Turn on captions on 3:15 😂

    xavier lo

    those yellow and white vans are tight

    Shaheer Bari

    Bro where s the wek gest video

    John Sneen

    Happy Belated BD Kevin!! Looks like it was a great one!! Keep the rubber side down guy's!!!

    Johnny Speedy

    I wasn’t at the illiminate meet because I attended a better meet with Christian and Hoonigan boys.

    Jamal L

    No one:

    Illiminate ware house niggas: 🍑

    Blue_420 Gaming

    Yoooooo on 8:08 I made it in the vlog let’s go 😂😂😂 that day was so lit !!!! Thanks to k1 for having that meet shit was so fucking fun


    Can we get those other colored flight tags on the website pls? The red looks pretty fire

    John Dunbar

    This channel really fell off…


    Thomas' secret talent XD

    Jordan Fournier

    Randy got some cakes in the thumbnail

    Echo Alpha101



    Be here since 25k. These boys are killin it. Randy sonny vu kJ and the rest of the crew. ✌️😎


    Scared me more than it scared them lol

    Mr. Nice Guy Redfield

    That lick on Kevin’s face got me thinking your real gay. Lmao!

    Kevin Santanaa

    Did I really wait a week for this weak ass vlog 🤦🏽‍♂️

    Guadalupe Tellez

    Thomas looked like Majin Buu with that pink Durag on 😂

    funny future

    dude thats right next to my house
    omg i wish i knew

    2JZ Lover69

    They falling off hard this was boring af ! So many cars yet no car content

    Hernan G. Garcia

    Me and kevin have the same bday❤️❤️

    Chase Washington

    Y'all to buy one or build one of those go karts the Streets

    Hezekiah Carlisle

    2:05 my boy thomas🤣

    Dakota Mejia

    This channel is so trash now.

    alfredo hernandez

    So awesome wishing I still lived in San Jose


    Song in backgound 10:12?

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