Saturday, March 25, 2023

Illiminate Squad at the Carnvl!

Main Illiminate Squad at the Carnvl!

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    Huge shout out to Carnvl for inviting us to the first ever carnival/car show! We had an amazing time hanging out with subscribers. It feels good to get out of the …

    Neal Caffrey

    I don’t know my vibe is off now because of the beef with Christian. No explanation or whatsoever.

    Irwin Ochoa

    I have always notice Christian look left out and now that he is not part of illminate proves my point and Christian issue with randy doesnt make randy funny anymore just annoying

    Nate Bell

    I feel like randy is in his bag now😂😂

    Yuan PH

    Where's kaz hiruoji

    francico juan
    GAMERGUY 0618

    Thats bad ass

    C Nin

    llliminate channel its getting boring they all a stoner!!! No content

    Aaron Ching

    U guys realize Christians vid actually had car content and your vid had one small clip of drifting and that’s it? U guys just walked around drinking and acting like those were your first beers. This channel is going in a horrible direction. Hope it changes from stroking Randy’s ego and selling merch to getting back to the roots.

    Nolan Boyce

    Damn to think that Christian was at the same event and you guys didn’t even have the audacity of saying what’s up

    Joni Quevedo

    Gay ass video what happened to cars and mods all I see ass grabbing and drinking ya suck now

    Paty Ruiz

    Losing fame by the second haha keep fucking up my ppl on the way up sorry loser


    Not skipping ads for yuh still 🙂 Hope things are good with you & Christian !

    Julio Lopez

    Why u guys still selling hoodies it’s spring already


    Man Sonny rx7 looks like a monster truck, with those big wheels on it.


    Please explain the Christian situation

    Jojeezzyy Z33

    Fck y’all Christian sh!t. Go to his channel and stay there and not here crying about what’s going. Gossip af. Fck that arrogant Christian anyway

    pixelarmor #

    Where can i buy illiminate banners?

    Her3t Siblings

    Subscribe to the Her3t Siblings

    Spencer Rojas

    Nobody knows what goes on off camera so stop acting like everyone is in the wrong. These are grown men let them live

    Slaap Brown

    when illiminate and sony will stop laughing for a second in a video? hahaha


    Christian left… Got a wharehouse.. Drift car ready to go and drifting at the event.. Big ups christian. What does illuminate even do?

    JDM Gemz

    Damn that r32 straight 🔥🔥🔥

    David Pham

    I thought yall had drift builds? Why wasn’t no one out there drifting? 🤔

    Beast Mode

    This channel is basically them laughing and being cringey af .

    Travis Inocencio

    What happen between you Christian or should I say the whole illiminate crew and Christian? We should hear your side of the story on what's going on between you folks because if you folks were or are still friends you would have at least said hi or whatsup or something but that goes same for Christians channel. We just want the truth between you 2?

    Ostap Kucherha

    Y’all should try getting free international shipping.

    junior daturtle

    Highkey the whole christian situation breaks my heart

    Remotakashi 59

    YouTube changed you randy. Stay humble, Or you will lose followers then what will you have?


    This channel getting lame as fuck! Unsubscribing

    JJ Leanos

    So much for "family". Youtube changed Randy completely becoming like Jake Paul plugging merch and this and that. Lmao his homies are what keep this channel moving if it weren't for them Randy wouldn't be shit. I've been around since 60k, miss the old apartment videos where everyone actually was fam. Damn shame.

    Gerard’s Life?

    So who is Christian ? Can someone explain

    Matthew Jose

    Christian is drifting he is at the front

    Matthew Jose

    Put a Muffler at the GT s

    Muhammad Abdullah

    Bro i don't wanna watch videos now cuz they're not car related bro.. it was not fun:(
    Im your fan a big one but idk why your content is fadin away

    New Guy

    Trash acting, always drinking, signing dudes ass, maybe a gay kiss or two, fake ass energy, repeat. Lets see what happens in the next illiminate vlog. Don’t forget to cop the merch, oh yeah and thank you so much this wouldn’t have been possible without you, who knew YouTube would change my life.



    Paden Riske

    Unsubscribe. channel turning to shit. Miss the OG shit when you cared about cars not merch

    Q Keyno


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