Saturday, March 25, 2023

Illiminate Stranded in Texas…

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    Our first time in Texas for @3fautoshow and @tomasuhh and @photobinh managed to get stuck in the middle of nowhere! We compacted the entire Texas trip …


    I LIKED YOUR VIDEO LIKE MY COMMENT RANDIIIIII😎♥️ *edit come to Australia 🇦🇺 car scene is crazy! Here

    Drenzell Macam

    damn this video edit was on another level, straight heat. Keep it up gang 🙌🏽🔥

    Jaz Star A.

    Thank you guys for coming. I’m glad that my brother and your crew enjoyed it!

    Ricky Hernandez

    This was a bad ass cuz but there was one thing missing I think I now what sonny


    who's that girl in the illiminate crew 🤷🏻‍♂️ she must be the illiminate crew security. binh and thomas stuck scene was hilarious 🤣

    Cats & Backwoods

    7:44 the girl who came out of the house is bad af


    Randy got that Rich guy laugh 😂


    What’s the intro song called

    henry nguyen

    Binh did an awesome job with the edit! Great vibe made me smile the whole time. Such a good job omg

    Luis Enriquez

    lit videooo


    So can u do me the a biggest favor in the world and visit san Antonio

    Acen Wyatt

    I did not even get the notification for the video but when I seen that you upload the video I clicked on it right away

    Michael T

    I’ve noticed kaz girl in a lot of videos lately, but no kaz

    Daniel De Sagun

    Yo! what's the name of the song playing in 16:44?


    randy getting turnt up with the real gun 🤣


    Illiminate need to do subscribers car reviews/roast

    Hector Hey

    2:50 it’s because he use too saying Thomas you so fuccccking hotttttt

    Eat Voltagge

    What's that white mark on the back of your head bro?

    Howard Truong

    10:52 xDD

    Ruben Barrientos

    I wasn’t there but welcome to Texas our home is your home.

    Cesar Films

    Come to Dallas next !!!!

    Midnight Media

    Pull up to TSP SLAM in Dallas next year !

    Bruce Wayne

    Binh killed this edit

    Eggs. Io

    Damn bruh wish I was at El Paso 😔


    What is the outro song?


    Why is Suzy the only girl y’all took 😂

    Pedro Gonzalez Jr

    Yo man, i need to know the girl from El Paso.
    7:47 and 18:20, same gal but to be my gal.

    Renzo Idris

    Song intro title pleaseee

    First last

    It's crazy how they don't even have 1million sub but they are well respective everywhere

    Subie Diaries

    haha gotta love it, drunk ass millennials bossing things around ahaha, i see you Randy


    Any tips on insurance for modifying cars?

    arm hix

    He said I'm going to call my mom😂😂😂

    JDM Dream Team

    Oh man..What happened to this channel? Used to be so good..Miss the garage days when you actually posted car content. You slowly getting out of YouTube?? Sure looks like it


    So crazy. I remember subscribing to a channel that had a sick s2000. Not even at 10k subs. Didn't even know randy. 550k subscribers later. Amazing bro.

    Royal Kings9

    Love my hometown ❤


    Kim jong-un got the fourwheeler stuck in the sand smh

    Keith Gomez

    Who’s that dude you guys met there at El Paso?


    Gah damn El Paso car scene is big lame lol. Coo vid tho.

    no capp

    i miss the old illiminate 😔

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