Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Illiminate Warehouse Makeover!

Main Illiminate Warehouse Makeover!

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    This day was long overdue. The homies all got together and helped give the warehouse a little make over. There’s still a lot we need to do but this is a good first …

    Dre Digital

    add a mirror tint to the windows

    Kyle Alexander Tan

    yall need a toilet bidet

    That.CrowdKiller 5.0

    Buy some “big ass fans” that’s the company name we use them in our shop and they work amazing

    j c

    Still no elevator to stop overworking tony lifting all the supplies up the stairs

    Ricardo Ortiz

    You should’ve got your paint at Dunn Edwards Paints, I’m a manager and could hook it up 50% off

    Larry Fisherman

    Get some Evap coolers


    I have a 2008 chevy 2500 hd if you have any ideas on mods I can do besides spacers and lift kit i would be interested


    Your a dick for getting that shock collar for your dog Randy


    Mannnn if i had some friends like this I'd be set for life


    You should do neon lights for the top floor seam

    Cedrick Williams

    You guys should get a dope street artist to do up some bomb ass murals to fill up all that white wall space! ☝🏽

    AZWAN azz



    go full RGB 😀


    I love watching you bro 🖤keep doing what your doing

    Rave Official

    Dude that looks sick cant wait till it's all finished!!!

    Simon Chavez

    Randy really turning his warehouse like Han’s from Tokyo Drift. 😩👌🏼 but modern

    Gerhard Stout

    How about a flat screen in the toilet 😂😂😂

    T-series Vs pewdiepie

    Randy ! They are selling a NSX -55,000 miles 1991 5 speed at Seekonk mass…..
    Manual transmission…….. price (36,000)$
    Idk if your willing to buy it it’s a pretty far flight

    Jaime Toytoy

    I don't know if the illuminate crew notices, but randy be slavin ya'll just like luke. Then offers all you can eat. No offense bruh but your crew are more worthy than just that. Just saying…


    get some couches & furniture 😀 & chill area , a tv , a playstation , tv , a bar area 😀 ….

    Joe e

    Hey where's Christian at? Haven't seen him in a while?

    Abraham Jacobs

    The warehouse is legit one of the best things that’s ever happened to Illiminate🤟🏽🔥Love all you guys❤️

    Maybo Vlogs


    Alexis Corona

    Sticker bomb something

    Sergio Lopez

    Tint the 2 big windows to the room ‼️

    Jordan Nieves

    Love it randy need more videos like this just stuff you do threw out the day


    when are you guys gona get a lift or 2 so you can work on your cars easyer 🙂

    Jordan Poot

    You should put turf on your steps

    Jay Trivedi

    build a slide from the top to bottom of the loft area

    714 SoSick GG

    Lift the lights with LEDs bro u need the light but be smart and save energy homie and save the biggest wall for sponsors and all that cause u guys gonna be doing it big bro so save the biGGest wall

Viewing 31 posts - 1 through 31 (of 31 total)
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