Tuesday, March 21, 2023

I'm Selling My S2000 — One Last Ride

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    I join ChrisFix, EricTheCarGuy, Humble Mechanic, and Matt Maran Motoring for one final road trip in my Honda S2000. This is all thanks to Shell for sponsoring …

    Alperen Erol

    Vtec kicked in, yo

    Phillip J. Fry

    Sexy ass r32

    Honza Krčil

    Tesla videos, selling the only interesting car, I think its time to unsub 🙂

    Gumpy 49

    Looks such a clean s2k, what’s the mileage and stuff on it?


    You'll get S2000 seller remorse… Unless it is to buy another one 😒

    Nemes Tamás

    Chris taking the helmet off at around 5 minutes is brilliant… 😀

    Koj Txiv

    You are going to regret it like every other old ass dudes out there that sold their s2000 when they were younger

    Sven van Gasteren



    Oof R32 gang

    Jason Reales

    @Engineering Explained How much!


    Hope you get an NA1 NSX as your next project

    Machi Chavez

    I sold mine couple months ago and completely regret it. Currently looking for another one

    John Shalhoub

    5:10 Almost had him! Damn it ChrisFix!


    This is so lit

    Apex Seal

    The police siren sounds a lot like the ones in old Grand Theft Auto SA and Liberty City.


    I sold my RSX type S 2 yrs ago….miss it every day


    ChrisFix face reveal at 5:10 😂

    cedrick lanteigne

    Y U DO DIS!?!?


    I've owned and driven plenty of much faster cars, but when I drive my S2000 I feel like it is the only car I ever want to be in. Mine elicits that same giddy laugh at 1:00. I hope you don't end up regretting the decision, but at least someone new will get to have that feeling.

    Aaron Raj

    I found your channel again I watched your videos back like 8 years ago where you had suspension, caster, toe and all those videos and you look way different. Crazy

    Manny Kaczor

    I got a couple dollars for it haha

    Wesley Gonzales

    Too soon, junior!!

    Jared Remillard

    10:57 Fenske turning the steering wheel the wrong direction. Bet ya took some damage to the suspension or steering rack! XD

    carlos ocampo

    You will regret that

    Jimi Dodge

    Jason: Hey ChrisFix, I'm selling my s2000.
    ChrisFix: Slaps Jason in the face.
    Jason edits the video so we don't know the real reason for the slap.

    MoFlyboy Blanquito

    Get a Z06 next


    You're selling a car that's appreciating?

    David Ha

    The R32….😍


    Not a smart move…

    Everette M

    Don't do it. You'll regret it.

Viewing 31 posts - 1 through 31 (of 31 total)
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