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Independent Front Suspension Build! | 750cc Cross Kart Pt. 9

Main Independent Front Suspension Build! | 750cc Cross Kart Pt. 9

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    We build independent front suspension for our 750cc cross kart using parts from Go Power Sports, trailer parts, and raw metal. With a little bit of tack welding and …

    Northwest Elevations

    like so many of the comments here this build is starting to go wrong on so many levels, I love watching you guys create cool low budget stuff, but this is just sloppy work guys, this isn't a low horse power go kart, horrible suspension geometry and worst of all your butt welding steel to cast iron! that will never hold under extreme conditions, DO YOUR RESEARCH!!! DON'T KILL YOURSELF OR ANYONE ELSE!!

    Andrew Halliday Music

    Have you all thought of a maximum overall weight for this project? Its looking heavier and heavier which is unavoidable… wouldn't it be cool if someone patented a method of lightening steel pipes, like drilling out material but in a calculated method that has a cool looking pattern or something. That'd be perfect for a project like this, a project that takes on more and more weight as its engineered on the fly….in the end how much more than a bike will it weigh?


    Theres probably some slag inside the joints too, just give it time to wear in.

    Final Call Racing

    Butt welding those joints is not safe. Doesn't matter who is welding it. Needs a sleeve or use threaded tube ends with threaded hemi joints.

    Chris Todorow

    Tires are too big for your rear drive ratio. Your going to need smaller tires or a bigger rear sprocket (which you probably can’t fit). Also the front ball joints you should have used a plug and not butt welded it, that’s gonna break for sure if the suspension ever bottoms out.

    Dax arms

    So what's your harbor freight grinder die on you? I noticed you using a DeWalt now which it's a good brand nothing wrong with it just a little more expensive than harbor freight

    Dax arms

    Low-cut socks low cut tennis shoes no wonder Isaac is getting sllagged down in his socks and shoes


    This is going to hurt some one like many people have said. Here is a link to some good information on chassis design and tuning. This should help you for a lot of your projects in the future.

    King Ave Garage

    Isaac loves those racks!

    David 2 fast

    It'll be fine LOL


    Can i get help from you i am building a gokart


    tisk tisk,mr jennette. I expect this kind of crap from john,but you ?

    Big Bill at Iron Garage

    Guys, Your upper and lower control arms are binding.  Geometry is critical.  Also you need have all of the heim joints parallel.  Need to rework this now so you don't have problems in the future.  need to build a jig, to hold things on both sides before you weld it up.

    Zach Burch

    We’re the new video today


    Get all your funeral arrangements settled now…

    Michael Jackson

    Something is in a bind with the front suspension. Its a good setup, but without correction it will break

    Internal Calibration Balance

    Yeah that front suspension is horrible, with so much on the internet to see and read nothing should be built that bad, the top arms can even be removed from the frame, the geometry is way off and your using the wrong parts.

    Ian McFadden

    You should change your channel name to "Carts and Cameras". seeing how you rarely work on cars…just a thought.

    Storm’n Norm’n Projects

    You guys need someone to weld for you!!!! I'm fabricator from Canada and I would LOVE!!! To help you guy's out!!!


    Love your videos but as i said on an earlier one, suspension geometry!!
    I hope you guys take note and do some research or talking to professionals as you have heaps of followers and it would be nice to see this channel grow/evolve into a learning space too.
    Not to mention it would help with not just these projects but others as well 🙂

    Michael Hutchison

    Just roll with it.

    Chris Swann

    I wanna see yall build a cart out of wood and use hand tools only no power tools

    Ethen Foster

    two words youll never hear in the same sentence, independent suspension and easy. XD

    Jeddi Vlogs

    "I love this rack" -Ike 2019

    Drew Munoz

    Yall are the chrisfix of go karts


    Cars and Cameras got a bob sled team

    uncle ruckus

    Can I buy a go-kart form yall

    Andrew Savage

    So I picked up a "budget build" off road kart, started talking about 600cc or more, wife looked at the new kart and I quoted "it'll be fine", and that's when she said she is gonna cut me off from your channel! HELP!

    bailey stevens

    Help me guys this needs to happen.

    Make a video with boosted boys and their shopping cart go kart

    Donald Fuller

    Get rid of them heim joints you used get some threaded ones.

    turbo man 351w

    you build go karts not CARS, you need to change the name CARS AND CAMERAS, and you do nothing with cameras, no review on new cameras or anything?????????????? weird like JOHN.

    Reg Marshall

    I scoff at 70 HP cause I keep thinking the frame is too heavy then realize my '79 landcruisr has 85 HP.

    NTH Welding

    Eastwood needs to send you guys a TIG welding machine. Tubing with that diameter tig would be better.

    servcetech81 layton

    What’s with all the haters it’s a design build come on guys awesome video like always I watch every week👌

    Alex Romo

    thats a shit load of binding…..

    Joshua Bell

    What sort of welding equipment are you using?

    Steve B

    Are those tractor heims cast? That’s real tough to weld to steel if they are without pre heating. But I’d say that’s the least of their worries

    Steeltree – homesteading with a twist

    You are going to be really disappointed When you have figure out you’ve fabed yourself into a corner with the rear sprocket
    Horizontal heim joints bind with out much movement
    Turn them vertically do the steering uses the ball of the joint to pivot with that you use high miss alignment bushings for more steering
    Add 7deg of camber for better control


    I thought I was the only one dumb enough to wear Chucks to weld! Hurts like bitch!

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