Tuesday, March 21, 2023

INSANE GAINS on E85! Cam’d 2020 GT500 is SICK!

Main INSANE GAINS on E85! Cam’d 2020 GT500 is SICK!

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    StangMode Mystery Boxes here = Details – Get 100 entries for your …


    Y’all think HULK is FASTER THEN MAMBA now? MYSTERY BOX LINK! – https://stangmode.com/products/mystery-box-limited-supply-100-entries-valued-up-to-5000

    David Patrick

    Dem Mopar girls gotta be scared bro! Do we have to mention the Chevy peeps?

    Htown Pony

    Man….. that Apple Pay is just too damn convenient!!

    Venom 5.0

    Man i have to win this giveaway is to prefect lol(it's my name🤷‍♂️) lol

    Daniel Dixon

    Since you have had the ass test.What do you think you're running in the quarter?No offense but I wish someone would shut Demonology and all the demon shit talkers up…


    Got my mystery box!


    I suggest getting purple rims, it would look neat along with it also being called hulk🤩🤩🤩 dark purple won’t look bad

    Michael Crispin

    Sick intro

    Marcelo Sanchez

    Bro that’s with the stock supercharger imagine with a Vmp gen 3r

    Kraig VandeVelde

    Primed and ready for some more boot. Nice.

    Kyle white

    Love the channel mustangs are my favorite cars I was sad when I sold mine but watching your channel always brings a smile to my face I want to have a gt500 like you one day!

    Jesus Mandujano

    Wheel hop upgrades?

    Abraham Bravo

    Ordered 2 mystery boxes lets goooo🔥

    Jesus Mandujano

    Ecu tune?

    G.Austin S550

    we just need more torque Stangmode 🏁🏁

    Ranger 1780

    Great hp and torque numbers, on the right track.

    El Coyote

    Lethal Performance is awesome. Always buy off their website.

    Paul Hudgins

    No I think The Mamba is faster, though it just depends if you can get Mamba to get hooked up off the line. The Hulk does not get off the line as well, could be faster on the top end.

    maximus vonce

    E85 makes everything fast

    maximus vonce

    What cams. Sound sick as fck

    maximus vonce

    Hey what aftermarket cams you put in Hulk

    Kevin Owens


    KingKrush Rex

    Lethal Performance is total garbage, they are operating from the 90’s, they don’t pickup their telephone, first warning sign, when you call a pro business and they give you the answering machine? RUN, secondly if you need a return god help you, it took me 30days to be refunded from a scratched delivery from them. Total trash, paid sales tax, paid shipping what a hot mess!! No company on earth charges you shipping if you spend over a certain dollar amount, lethal could careless

    David Dubious

    Why would u put that corn liquor in that car?!

    Chrysler 300C Hemi

    You have the Hulk Roaring. You're turning the Hulk into a GT500 Cobra Jet. I'm guessing by just changing pulleys and Ported throttle body. Over 800 at the wheels. Looking like the Hulk may need a roll cage. Fantastic Mustangs, Fantastic content and Fantastic videos.

    Ron Rice

    Need to take a trip to see Mike SS717 see if you can beat his 2019 ZR1 on the street.🔥
    My brother has a 2020 Twister Orange 🔥

    Isaac Gomez-Everything Reviews-

    Ordered my mystery box! Super excited!


    Pulley change next?


    Just ordered my mystery box LETS GOO!

    Joe Cekosh

    Lethal is A1!

    Richard Novak

    I wish the new Bronco came in that color.

    T U

    Great HP number! That TQ is disappointing though. Bad ass Machine either way


    Gt500 is a okay and the mach e sounds like nails on a chalkboard

    Nick Amoroso

    My man. As someone who had to sell a Whipple 2018 to do some "adulting" its so awesome to watch you take the steps and effort you do and to share it with all of us. I wish you all the luck and prosperity you can handle!

    Wine House R.

    That old guy exudes car knowledge

    Kris Lenning

    That baby is making some power! Very nice and congrats!

    Donavan Bane

    To have the best chance you would need 1,700 boxes to be the best winner

    Planet Fade

    Love the mystery box idea, just ordered it!

    03 DSG

    So happy a good dude is hustling hard and getting the sponsors/partner benefits. Keep up the great content one of the absolute best mustang channels on YouTube. -Cullen

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