Monday, March 27, 2023

Instagram Ricer in "Stage 2" BMW Calls Out Our Nitrous Fed Diesel Galaxie! (Many Freedoms)

Main Instagram Ricer in "Stage 2" BMW Calls Out Our Nitrous Fed Diesel Galaxie! (Many Freedoms)

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    Here’s where you can get one of the FASS pumps the Galaxie just got! Just some good old upgrades on the Galaxie and some …

    Cleetus McFarland

    1 like on this comment and I’ll get some new wheels for the Galaxie

    RaZe Tez

    Noooooo! “Monicccccaaaaa” why did you have to do my fellow bimmer brother like that 😢

    ryan Bresnahan

    Why are there so many butthurt dudes in the comments lol. He used the wrong term for the BMW, get over it boys.

    James Bassel

    The whole rip I was yellin “Mercia!” 😂😂😂


    Guy doesnt realize E9x series bmw isnt a drag car. Doubt he was below a 2.4 60'.

    Michael Bolton

    Didn't the galaxy used to have an air dog?
    Air dog > Fass


    Why did Cleetus say Chrysler when pointing at the BWM??

    Ryan Ventura

    Apples VS Pears

    Michael Wemyss

    make it half a mile and the beamer would of been on you.

    Having Fun

    Douchebag BMW owners get gapped by an old diesel galaxy. He’s gonna stick his balls even further between his legs and go home depressed. Poor guy, even lost his allowance for the week = mad dad.

    Michael Barr

    That BMW should be faster if hes on a 2+ tune lol


    Needs a HTS trans to hold the ponies

    Michael Morell


    Michael Morell

    Whenever you guys race the Galaxy. Air up the front suspension at launch. It will give you, better traction and more weight shift. Drop the front end after you leave the line

    Michael Morell

    Bmw is not a ricer Garett. German/European. Ricer a Japanese or Korean cars


    How is a BMW a "ricer"? Is any import a "ricer"? What about from Australia?


    i was under the impression a ricer was Japanese lol

    Matthew Doherty

    please do something about those god awful cast iron wheels, and maybe fix the steering wheel before someone dies?

    Mr. Bum Tickler

    The term "ricer" offends me. Please change to "bat eating commie with wheels".


    Stock turbos fbo e85 tuned 335is does near 11’s flat at 126 full weight. Gutted and e90 stock turbo’s fbo e85 with around 446whp did 10.6

    Tyler Q

    Hell yeah green handle for the win!!


    Lmao n54’s are surprisingly stout platforms if done right. Make 900+whp stock aluminum long block

    Cogito Ergo Something

    But why's it a "ricer?" Shouldn't it be called a spaetzler or similar?


    I thought this was gunna be a race not a bunch of hicks talking about a blown up power stroke

    Russ Tish

    Gapped him by a Walmart and a half

    Chris Keeler

    I don’t know if German cars are considered ricers. Lol.

    Kelly Brown

    Cleetus that Galaxy is bad ass brother

    Uriah Siner

    Need to get some safety gear in the galaxy

    Quinn Salmon
    Fast Life
    Connor Morris

    Everyone who disliked this video drives a BMW😂😂

    Cody Atkins

    You need to race westen with his Cummins mustang

    David Kelm

    Classic talkin smack gets you gapped 🥱

Viewing 34 posts - 1 through 34 (of 34 total)
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